Sunday, 29 April 2012

BB Cream Review & A Giveaway! [now closed]

Ever since the huge craze of BB cream hit the blogging world, I have been keen to try it. I wasn't too sure how I'd feel as I prefer full coverage foundation and BB cream is generally quite light.

BB Cosmetics offer a very wide range of BB creams (I didn't know there could be so many types!) and I was fortunate enough to be sent one to review.

This BB Cream* is the first that I have tried and I was generally impressed. I applied a small amount to my face and it spread very easily and covered my whole face. It's not the full coverage I'm used to, but it is a lot more than I was expecting. After using a powder over the top, it was just as good as foundation that I use. and a perfect base for my make up.

All redness on my face was covered and my skin felt really soft. After applying, it felt a little sticky (similiar to suncream if that makes sense) but the feeling goes away after a few minutes. The BB cream I have used is wrinkle improving (not sure if BBCosmetics were hinting there!) but it's not something I particularly need as I'm only 19. However, I am definitely going to try others from their site as they have a whole range so you are guaranteed to find one to suit your skin. You can visit their website here.

Giveaway time!

I have four £5 vouchers to giveaway to spend on BBCosmetics website. They are valid until the 31st May and the giveaway is international.

How to enter
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The giveaway will close on Sunday 6th May at 6pm GMT.

Good luck!

*Product was sent to me to review

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Batiste's New Addition

You all know by now that I have a blog dedicated to saving money. One of the main ways to cut your household bills is by saving water and Batiste know just how to do that.

Batiste have launched their newest dry shampoo called 'cool & crisp fresh'* which I think is quite different to all of the others. Normally, their dry shampoos have a specific fragrance like Cherry (my favourite) but this one I can only describe as having a 'clean' smell.

Batiste is ideal for those 'in-between wash' days and you can use this to reduce the amount of water you use on washing your hair.

I am a big fan of Batiste and I always forget to mention that these bottles last a very long time!

Do you prefer clean dry shampoos like this one, or do you prefer yours to have a scent?

PS If you follow my other blog I will love you forever :)


*product sent for review

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Fake Tan Minus The Smell

If I had it my way, I would constantly have a gorgeous tan that never fades and never streaks and never has a horrible 'I'm obviously wearing fake tan' smell. Realisticly, I never have time to maintain a fake tan and I'm so bad at applying I always end up looking streaky.

A while ago, Tanya Burr did a haul video and one of the things she purchased was Garnier Summer body. What she said made me decide I wanted to try it as it sounded ideal for someone like me.

My first impression was that the scent was amazing. I could not smell any fake tan at all, just pure apricot which also remained on my skin and left me smelling pretty good if I do say so myself. I also love that it's a white cream so it's not so intimidating. I honestly I think I prefer gradual tans as any mistakes made (in my case it's normally a lot) aren't so obvious and it allows you to build up a natural looking tan.

With other gradual tans, I found that it takes a very long time to build up enough to actually look tanned and normally by that point I've given up as it's not worth it. However, after just two uses, it was noticed by others that I was looking tanned. The only little tiny downside is that the apricot smell does goes away a little the next day and you are left with a very slight tan smell - but this is a gradual tan not a miracle worker.

I'm pretty sure I've just rambled a lot in this post but I hope you get the idea of how great this product really is. I've probably missed out all of the important bits but I'm sure you'll forgive me after you use it yourself. :)

PS I purchased the dark instead of the slight based on Tanya's recommendation and it isn't 'dark-dark' but it provides a better gradual tan.

PPS I just looked up the price online and it is currently HALF PRICE at Boots. I am definitely going to stock up - you can buy it online here.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Biore Wipes Review

I'm really bad when it comes to skincare; I'm lazy and I tend to just use whatever needs using up. My skin isn't the worst in the world, but it could be a lot clearer and a lot more radiant. Every time I try to set up a skincare routine, I fail.

My main reason excuse for this is that I work part time as a sales assistant. Sometimes I'll work from 9am to 6pm and sometimes 1pm to 10pm, and sometimes shorter shifts. I never have a solid routine as my shifts change weekly. So if I start early, I find I never have the time to focus on skincare and when I get in at 11pm from working all day, I'm too tired to do anything apart from climb into bed.

Therefore, wipes are my best friend. As I'm frugal, I used to purchase baby wipes for £1 and use them. Now, most of you are probably in horror at this thought, but they do work and I do recommend them, but not for every day.

Aiden's nan gave me Biore wipes that I had never used before. They normally retail for over £4 but she found them in a shop called Savers for just £1. (If you have a Savers near you - use it! Almost everything is cheaper than in Boots or Superdrug).

The wipes are 'daily deep pore cleansing wipes' which cleanses, tones and exfoliates all in one go! This is perfect for me, as it at least is doing some good to my skin.

Don't forget to use this handy tip to make wipes last longer too.

What are your tips for getting into a good skincare routine? I clearly need help. I've actually purchased a lot of skincare bits and bobs lately and I'm hoping to get into some kind of routine but it's harrrrrd.

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Monday, 16 April 2012

Advertising Spots Available

Would you like to advertise on Ditzy Glamour in May? I am charging just £5 for the whole month, and there are five spots available. I will also include your blog/shop in a blog post around the 15th, which will give my readers a little more information about you.

Please e-mail me at if you have any questions, or are interested.


Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sexy Mother Pucker Review

If I had to choose just three brands to use for the rest of my life, Soap and Glory would be one of them. I absolutely adore their products, and I am so excited about their new make up range (reviews on some of those products coming soon). One make up product that has been around for a long time is the Sexy Mother Pucker (don't say it too fast) which I received as part of a Christmas gift set.

The shade I have is Pink Apricot which I love. However, S&G claim that it will plump up your lips. I was expecting to look like Angelina Jolie, although I could only notice a slight difference. The tingly feeling wasn't very comfortable, but it doesn't last long which is good. The actual lipgloss itself is lovely and natural looking - although a little sticky.

Overall, I don't think it's any better than a normal lipgloss - no one would even notice if I'd worn it or not as the 'plumping' isn't obvious. I'm not quite sure if it's a good thing, because no one wants people whispering thinking you've had your lips done, but at the same time, you want to see something.

Would I pay full price for it? As it's £8.50 I don't think I would, but there's lots of gift sets with them in which I would consider purchasing. For more information, visit their website.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Beauty Books: Bobbi Brown Make Up Manual

Bobbi Brown Make Up Manual is the first beauty book I owned, and I read it from front to back immediately. It's perfect as it covers everything and as it says on the front 'For everyone from beginner to pro'. Although I'm pretty sure if you're already a professional, you wouldn't need this book.

The book covers things from what to have in your make up collection, to how to create the perfect smokey eye and which colours suit your eye colour, hair colour and skin tone. The step by step guides with clear images make everything super easy to learn., and there is something in there for everyone regardless of age, skin colour, and preferences. There are little hints and tips that I never realised would make the biggest difference, and even though I've read it, I find myself looking back over it all the time.

There's also a section for those of you who wish to become a make up artist, with tips on how to do it, and what you'll need. Although it's quite a big chunk of the book, it's not a waste. I don't have any intention of being a make up artist, but I still felt that there is enough other information in the book to make it worthwhile.

I actually love this book, and it really helped me grasp the basics of make up, and taught me things I never knew. Before this, I considered myself to be quite knowledgable when it came to beauty and make up, but this book taught me that there is always something new to learn, and that it's great to try new things.

The book retails at £20.00 but you can buy it on Amazon for cheaper here

What are your favourite beauty books?
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