Tuesday, 30 August 2011

MAC Collection

This is only a short post, more to ask for your help. Those of you know who read my 101 Things page will know that number 84 is to own 15 MAC eye shadows. I already owned Knight Divine from a while ago, but last week I purchased the 15 eye shadow palette and Carbon.

I seriously adore these two colours but I now have 13 spaces to fill. My aim is to have; colourful eye shadows on the top row; neutrals on the middle row; and blacks, greys etc on the bottom row.

I'm asking you, my lovely followers, to advise me on which eye shadows to get? Also, if you are selling any, do let me know!


Thursday, 25 August 2011

Uni or No Uni?

Last week, students around the country received their A Level results. I too was in this position just last year, and I remember feeling like the whole world was about to end. All of my classmates anxiously opened their envelopes, knowing that what was written affected the next 3-7 years of their life. For me, it was a slightly different story. These would be the results I put on my CV in order to get me a job. Now I know this is always going to be a debatable subject but I honestly believe that university is not the be all and end all.

For me, university was never an option. I always knew I didn't want to go, however I had to build up a lot of courage to tell people that. Having been known as 'the clever one' in the family (not bragging, in fact I hate it) I was always thought to be the 'one who would go to uni' so telling them was always going to be hard. Plus, I went to a private school, where most students (and teachers in fact) had a preconceived view that people who didn't go to university were a waste of a life.

Now don't get me wrong, university can be perfect if it's for you. You learn various life experiences, you meet loads of new people, you have fun, and ultimately, you get a degree in something you've enjoyed studying. Do I feel like I'm missing out? Not really, simply because I believe that life experience is just as good, if not better. After leaving school at 18, I wondered what to do next. Ultimately, I knew I had to get a job, but in what? I was fortunate enough to get two week's work experience in PR (and I wouldn't be blogging today if I didn't do it, as that's where I discovered this world!) and it made me realise I'd love to work in PR. However, it's not that easy to get in without a degree, although the woman I worked with didn't have one, so it showed me once more, that no degree doesn't necessarily hold you back, as long as you're willing to work extremely hard. In October, I got a job as a sales assistant. Now this is no life ambition of mine, but I have learned so much whilst being there, from simple things such as talking to customers and how to fold clothes perfectly, to understanding how a shop layout and lighting affects customers and learning targets and sales.
 Also, I'm meeting lots of new people, having fun and learning, doesn't that sound similar to the pros of going to uni?
A lot of you may think 'you didn't go to uni and now you're stuck in a part time retail job that isn't the career you wanted, how is that good?'. Well, first of all, look at how much debt most students will be in? I may not earn a lot but at least I'm earning something. I'm also not saying that you shouldn't study, I've actually signed up to get a qualification in Business Studies, as I believe it will benefit me, but this was my own decision, not the decision of everyone around me.

I've probably just rambled on and encouraged a lot of people to dislike me for slating university, but please note this is really just my opinion and my reasons for choosing a different path in life. Some of you may agree, some of you may not. But, all I'm trying to say, is a degree is not the be all and end all. I just feel that many young people feel pressured into going to uni as it's considered the next step, and those who don't get in feel like they have failed in life, which isn't true. Many people have become successful, and more importantly, been happy, without a degree. I felt a lot of pressure to go to university and I was the one person in my year who didn't, and I will always be proud of that.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Witch Anti-Blemish Liquid Concealer Review

A while ago, I was fortunate enough to win a Witch Concealer in Charli's giveaway. I'd never tried any of Witch's products before and to be honest I'd never even heard of them before I'd started blogging. But I'd read many good reviews about them so I was excited to try it. :)

The concealer itself comes as a pen, which you twist the lid in order to release concealer which appears on the brush. You can then apply on blemishes, or even under eyes and on areas that are red. Not only does it claim to automatically cover blemishes, it helps reduce them too!

I chose Shade 01 which is ideal for me. It covered all blemishes perfectly and I found it so easy to apply. I did have the unfortunate incident where I twisted the pen and couldn't see any concealer, so I kept twisting and twisting, only to find it's all on the other side. Cue a serious amount of concealer. Anyone else do this or is it just my stupidity?

Since using this product, any spots I get never quite reach 'full growth' if you know what I mean. If I wake up with a blemish or a red mark (you know when you just know it's going to be a big'un) and using this concealer helped a lot. An added bonus is that it doesn't come off, so you don't need to worry about re applying all day.

Witch Concealer is priced at £6.99 and is available in Boots. What Witch product would you recommend?


Friday, 19 August 2011

Things I Learned In July 2011

I enjoy reading these posts on other blogs so much that I decided to jump on the bandwagon myself. I'm not sure how exciting my 'learned things' will be to you, but it's a good little round up of the month. :)

1. It is possible to save money, no matter how much I want to spend it.

2. I am prone to fainting in hospitals..

3. ... and I know how to avoid it.

4. I need a new job.

5. That I cannot live without a Blackberry.

6. I do not own shoes that are suitable to wear in the rain.

7. I will never be 100% ready for my theory test.

8. I can't resist Burger King when offered to me on a plate (well not a plate..)

9. You're never too old to wear a tiara!

10. It is possible to teach an old dogs new tricks...

11. ..Although teaching one to fetch while you have treats in your hand is not so easy.

12. I now know how to check the sales statistics at work after almost a year!

13. How much I love Amy Winehouse's songs..

14. I can be very opinionated.

15. My boyfriend knows the way to my heart... a Chinese buffet.

16. I love Chinese food.

17. Bradley Cooper is on my 'list'

18. A banana has the same amount of calories as a Kit Kat (or something else chocolately, can't remember what but I know it made me smile!)...

19. ...My memory isn't that great.

20. Bingo Blitz on Facebook is my new addiction.

21. I make surprisingly good muffins.

22. I don't enjoy sunbathing as much as I used to...

23. .. simply because fake tan won't give me skin cancer.

24. I don't get internet in my bedroom...

25. ... unless I hang off my bed holding the laptop in one hand and typing with the other.

What have you learned in July?

PS Sorry this is so late! Was scheduled for the 2nd!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Catch Up

Hi there! Remember me? I'm the girl who runs this blog and used to post a few times a week. I seem to have enjoyed my two weeks off work a little too much and didn't seem to have the 'urge' to blog. But after a well deserved rest, I feel ready to go! I'm sorry this is another catch up/ramble post but I've got lots to update you all will and lots to say.

Firstly, over the next few days I'm hoping to revamp my blog a little. I tend to get bored with my layout quite easily and I think it's a little too plain at the moment. I've also had a mini clearout on clothes and products which I will put in a blog sale soon (clothes will go on ebay next week). This will all be in aid of Jess's Car Fund.

Speaking of cars, last week I passed my theory test. I kept it quiet from almost everyone until the day but I'm so pleased to have half of it out of the way! Now I can focus on the actual driving bit. :)

I've managed to cross a few things off my 101 Things list, including: theory test, visiting a beach and I've started on my MAC eyeshadow collection (post coming soon - and also recommendations please!). I'm hoping to get cracking on a few more of these in the near future.

I've got lots of posts lined up, but if you have any suggestions, especially tutorial type posts (nothing too professional, just simple things like getting smooth feet, applying fake tan etc.) I'd really appreciate it.

I hope you've all had a lovely two weeks, and I'm now off to catch up on my favourite blogs before the new Big Brother starts! :)

Leave a comment and say hi, I've missed them. :)

PS: Do you think my dog has a problem with bigger dogs? LOL


Sunday, 7 August 2011

Sunday Ramble 012.

- I've been such an unorganised blogger lately - I won't say 'bad' blogger as I don't have to post regularly I just choose to. I don't even know why I haven't blogged so no excuses I'm afraid! It's also going to get even more quiet this week as I'm off to my Aunt's caravan for a few days as I booked the next two weeks off work. I'm actually quite excited.

- I've started a challenge for August where I write down every single penny I spend. I purchased special finance pages for my Filofax and now I can see where all of my money goes (I've worked out I spend a lot on Lucozade :/ )

- I have rediscovered my love for H&M. I went off them for a while and the online delivery fiasco put me off even more, but after arriving at work an hour early by mistake, I popped into H&M on Oxford Street and I honestly wanted to buy everything. I held off, but went shopping there in Portsmouth yesterday and got some lovely bits. I love how cheap it all is!

- Despite all the negativity around the Cosmo Blog Awards, I decided to nominate myself after a lot of persuading by my boyfriend. Now I'm not asking for votes and there will be no prizes if you do but I would honestly love for you to vote if you love to read my blog. I'm sure there's at least one of you out there! I'm under the New Beauty Blog category and you can vote by clicking the big can't-miss-it Cosmo badge on my blog. :)

Enjoy the last of your weekend girls! :)


Monday, 1 August 2011

July Favourites

Can you believe we are in August? Time sure is flying! Hopefully we'll have a month of sun. :) I normally try and mention a mixture of beauty products and make up but this month I've sort of been using the same things as last month, and so I'll be focusing on my make up favourites this month.

No7 Concealer Brush - I bought this on a whim when I had a spare £5 voucher and didn't know what else to buy and it would only cost £1 something (I think?) and it turns out to be one of my favourite brushes. It's soft, and applies so well. It makes applying concealer under the eyes much easier and I recommend this to everyone.

Illamasqua Sheer Lipgloss in Explode - I got this in this month's Glossy Box (which I was impressed with!) and I adore this. The colour is perfect - one that I've wanted for a while, and it lasts a long time. Would I pay full price for it? Yes. :)

Maybelline Falsies Mascara - I mentioned another Falsies mascara in my June Favourites and hinted at a new favourite and this is it. It is the same but 'Black Drama' which makes lashes much more dark and much more false looking. I seriously love everything about it, except removing it, as it takes forever.

ELF Lipstick in 'Runway Pink' - This is my favourite lipstick ever. I'd never been a big fan of lipstick but since blogging I've ventured into trying some. I find it hard to find colours that suit me but I think this is ideal. It's a gorgeous light pink.

What are your July Favourites?

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