Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Birds and Blossoms

A while ago I was given the chance to review a bookmark. Reading is one of my favourite ways to wind down and I always have a book on the go. My favourite places to read are on the bus to work and in the bath (which my mum thinks is weird).

Birds and Blossoms is a small website created by Zoe (@teeny_town). I love her idea and think it's original to sell bookmarks as usually most bloggers sell jewellery. I was sent the "Magical Unicorn" bookmark which is a lovely lilac colour. I have been using the bookmark for the last week or two, and I love that it's more practical than the one I had before.

What I love most, is that the material is a good quality and keeps the bookmark in place, so there's no chance of me dropping it in the bath, and I can hold the bookmark on the page, and still see the words - perfect for when I need to rush off the bus after being too engrossed in as book. (Both of these have happened!)

The bookmarks cost £2 each not including p+p which I think is a really fair price. They also arrive safely packaged with a cute little card - it's the little things that make a difference.

Zoe is a lovely, lovely girl and I'd love for you all to check out her website as well as her blog. Let me know if you purchase anything!

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*product was sent to me to review

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Birthday Instagram Collage

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the lack of posts over the last week but I've been super busy and since I last posted I had a birthday! On Monday I turned 20 and I thought I'd do a collage from the last five or so days (I've been doing a lot). Thank you to all of you who wished me a happy birthday on Twitter. :)

Me and Aiden - our huge Chinese takeaway after finding the restaurant was shut - Birthday MAC voucher - birthday breakfast - Sunset Boulevard - While everyone was singing - TGI's - Cocktails - TGI dinner - Me and my brother - My dad and Aiden playing Kinect :) - Blowing out candles - My new onesie - Present from Dad - Cards - My JayJay :)

I haven't actually got any photos of it, but whilst in TGI Friday's, I was made to put a balloon on my head and was sung to by the whole restaurant. If you want to surprise someone for their birthday, take them there and let the staff know it's their birthday.

I've had a lovely week off, and I look forward to hopefully getting back into blogging.


Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Beauty Books: Lauren Conrad Style

In the second of my beauty books blog post collection (see the first here), I've chosen Lauren Conrad's Style book to review. I received this as a present from Aiden's sister and I've loved sitting and reading through it, as well as flicking through when I need a bit of inspiration.

The book is the ultimate style guide, helping you with statement items that every girl needs, to shopping. It also contains hair and beauty tips. It is all clearly laid out, with beautiful, clear images. It is so easy to follow the step by step guides, without feeling like you don't have a clue what she's talking about.

My favourite part of the book would be the 'how to shop' section. I'm a bad shopper - I impulse buy, I purchase things I'm not sure I even like, and I never plan my shoes or accessories into an outfit. This book teaches you exactly how to shop perfectly, and come home happy, as well as feeling and looking good.

I would recommend this book to anyone with an interest in fashion, whether you love it and follow everything, or if, like me, you love fashion, but don't really like spending too much money keeping up with all of the latest trends. This is the perfect first fashion book to own, and you can purchase it here (there are some used ones there too that will be cheaper if you prefer).

What fashion books would you recommend?

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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Good News Update!

After taking some time out from my blog, (minus the scheduled post from last night) I have decided to take a different approach to my blog. As the title suggests, this is a beauty and lifestyle post. Lately, my blog has been full of reviews etc. but I feel like it has lost its personal touch, and I feel that if I'm not enjoying writing it 100%, then you reading it won't be enjoying it 100%. When I read other blogs, I can tell which one's have been written 'with love' as it were. I want my blog to be more personal, and not like a magazine - because if you wanted a magazine you'd buy one, right? So, feel free to let me know how you feel about more lifestyle posts, and what kind of lifestyle posts you like. I don't want to bore you with rubbish details of my life, but then again, it is my blog - and mine to do whatever I like with. However, beauty and make up will always be a passion of mine and therefore this blog will still be full of reviews, tips, and a few exciting posts too!

Anyway, on with the actual post - I thought I'd do a little update into what is going on with my life as I feel like I have got really far in achieving what I want - and things are definitely looking up!

- Best news first. My boyfriend has got himself a job, which couldn't make me any happier! Before this, Aiden was on Jobseekers, which he never liked as people always perceived him as a 'lazy scrounger' which he is far from. He spent every day looking for work, and would have done anything for a job rather than take from the government. It's sad that some lazy 'jobseekers that don't seek jobs' create a stereotype for everyone - as I know there's plenty of people on the dole who don't want to be. Anyway, I am so so so proud of him, and it means we can properly start saving now. :)

- Which leads me onto my next topic. I am starting a serious serious saving regime, as I have set myself a pretty high target of what I want to save by December this year. I will be doing a whole blog post on it on my other blog (which will also have more lifestyle posts) and regular updates, including how I've made and saved money over the next 6 months. I'm not too sure if I want to mention figures etc. as I think money is quite a private matter, but if it helps you all save too - then I'm not shy to say how much I plan to save!

- I've been working like an absolute trooper lately. There have been lots of opportunities for overtime and I have been taking every one (see above paragraph for why!) and although I know it will be very worth it on payday, I must admit I am exhausted! It's very hard when everyone's enjoying the Jubilee and I'm stuck at work, but I also get weekends off - which is very rare in retail so I am greatful. This is the main reason for my lack of blogging, as I never seem to have time, but I WILL find time, I promise.

- I am still studying at the OU, and I'm on my second course which I really don't like to be honest. It's nothing like I expected and it's all very confusing. I would still recommend the OU to study at, but not this course. I'm looking forward to the next one though, which I'll have to choose soon.

- It's my birthday in 8 days! I'll no longer be a teenager which is a weird feeling, but I feel like I'll be at an age where I will finally start growing up. I'm not sure what I'm doing for it yet, probably nothing much!

I'd also like to say a big thank you for following and reading my blog. It really does make me smile when I get lovely comments and I hope you enjoy my new found passion for blogging again. I need to focus on writing this blog for me, and hopefully you'll all enjoy it too. Please leave your links below, as I'm on the lookout for new blogs to follow and read!


Saturday, 9 June 2012

Collection Blush Review

Collection (formerly Collection 2000) is a brand that I love. I find myself always browsing their little section in Boots, and occasionally I find myself buying a few things. One day, this blush caught my eye. I don't really have a large collection of blushes and it's only recently that I've started experimenting with different ones instead of just sticking to one or two.

I purchased Shade 02 which is called Bashful and it's a beautiful, natural colour which creates a lovely radiant glow which isn't too heavy, although it is buildable. I love that it is perfect for daytime wear and looks very natural. It also lasts all day, which is ideal as I hate reapplying make up. I believe there is a very fine shimmer, but it isn't noticeable on the skin - I think this just creates the radiance.

The pretty design on the blush disappears after a few uses, which was quite disappointing. However, I've learned not to expect these to last.

For just £2.99, you can't really go wrong - especially when there's a 3 for 2 offer.

What blushers would you recommend to add to my collection?

For more reviews on cheaper make up brands, visit (and maybe even follow?) my other blog.


Saturday, 2 June 2012

Pearl Drops Transform: Review

I had been on the lookout for cheap teeth whitening products for a while, as I was worried about spending a lot on a product that didn't work. I was going to buy the Crest Whitening Strips but I've heard they make your teeth very sensitive and my teeth are sensitive enough already so I looked in Boots and found Pearl Drops Transform toothpaste.

The packaging says "For an instantly shinier, whiter-looking smile and cool freshness" which pretty much sold it to me as I was looking for instant results. After one use, I did feel like my teeth had had a good clean and they did look slightly whiter, but not noticeably. I have been using this twice a day instead of my normal toothpaste for over three weeks now, so I feel I've used it long enough to give a full review.

My teeth has become whiter than before, but not enough for anyone to notice (although my boyfriend did say they were looking a lot whiter). My teeth feel cleaner after using it, and it hasn't made my teeth sensitive at all.

I would still like to try something that has a much bigger effect on my teeth, but I do think this is great for someone who just wants slightly whiter teeth.

This toothpaste costs just over £5 but it was half price in Boots when I purchased it. There are quite a few in the Pearl Drops range, so I'm tempted to try a different one, maybe Hollywood smile?

What would you recommend for whiter teeth?

Note: I did actually have photos of my teeth from before and after, but they seem to have disappeared. Oops.
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