Monday, 6 June 2011

Leopard Print Nails

Finally, a post on nail art. Ever since I started blogging, I've been mesmerised by the amazing skills of some of you bloggers out there when it comes to nail art. I promised myself I would at least try some kind of nail art and improve my skills. Those of you who followed my old blog would know I tried polka dots but this time I went a little further.

Leopard print nails are really simple to do. All you do is paint a base colour and leave to dry, then paint dots of another colour and leave to dry. Then using a black nail art pen, do two curved lines around each dot, then when it's dry, paint a clear top coat.

It is surprisingly easy to do, and you'd be surprised at what colours go well together. I had a fair few amount of oversized false nails, and decided to experiment.

My favourites would have to be these three:

If you want to know specific nail polishes used then let me know, and I'll happily inform you. :)


You could try using a cotton bud to create the dots (although just using nail polish is fine)

No nail art pen? Use black eyeliner or use a cocktail stick dipped in black nail polish.


  1. Ah wow they are really good!! x

  2. what colours did you use? and nail polish brandS?

  3. I like the white based one the best but they are all excellent! Will you be doing this design on your nails? You could have a different one on each nail! x

  4. This is one of the next nail looks I want to do thanks for taking the closeup pictures of them so you can see the detail now I know there are only a few steps.

  5. Ah these are fab! Going to try them out myself soon :)

  6. Thanks for this....I've been looking around online for a simple explanation on leopard nails.


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