Thursday, 15 December 2011

Soap and Glory Heel Genius Review

Working as a sales assistant does no good for your feet at all. So for me, there's nothing better than coming home from work, having a long bath, followed my treating my feet. I currently use Soap and Glory Heel Genius, and me and my feet love it.

Soap and Glory has always been a favourite of mine, ever since I got their bubble bath years ago. I love the fact that most of their products have that significant 'Soap and Glory' smell and I adore their packaging. I think almost every girl has one of their products in their top 10 all time favourites.

This costs just £5.50 and is available at Boots. :) Also, just a little heads up to you all. You know Boots do a weekly deal, well starting from tomorrow is the Soap and Glory Big Splendour is reduced from £60 to just £25! I won't be getting one myself as I'm still using last year's that Aiden got for me. But, it is an amazing deal and totally worth it.



  1. I love this foot cream, I'm definitely getting the Soap & Glory deal tomorrow!x

  2. I have really, really dry feet and I have found that this is the best cream for them - it is like a miracle product! I really don't know what I'd do without it...

  3. I still haven't tried a Soap & Glory product. What's wrong with me?! A lot of my friends get them for Christmas but I never have, I might have to buy myself some...

  4. Great post, I just did one on Heel Genius too :)
    I'm a new blogger, would be great if you could follow me xx


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