Sunday, 5 May 2013

This Week #5

// Lunch with Mum // My brother making me pancakes :) // My baby <3 // Twister lolly // Aiden's certificate letter // Lunch at Slug and Lettuce // Car cleaned inside // Car cleaned outside // Painting //
- Don't you find that being out in the sun allows you to get so much more done? This is the first time since starting this little series that I feel like I've done a lot with my week. I started my week in London visiting my family, and I sorted through all my stuff there and gave a ton of stuff to charity which felt pretty good. It was also nice to just spend time with my family and chill out. I also cleaned my car fully inside and out which I've been putting off for so long. It looks so much better now.
- Aiden passed his theory test first time this week too. I am so so proud of him and always knew he would do it. And on Saturday we went to Chichester for the day (but I'm going to do a full blog post on that).
- I'd also like to ask what type of blog posts are your favourites. I'm struggling with reviews as I don't have much spare money at the moment so I'd love to see what you like to read the most.

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  1. Great post, I really like these posts as it's always nice to read more personal 'human' posts. x


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