Monday, 12 March 2012

Jess's Guide To: Washing Your Make Up Brushes

I haven't done one of these posts in a while, and they seem to be pretty popular (feel free to offer any suggestions in the comments on what I can do a 'guide to' next). Before I start this post, I'm going to admit that I am a complete fail when it comes to regularly washing my make up brushes. I find it so tedious and I leave it up until I have no possible way of using the brushes before I wash them, which I know is really bad, but it's a habit I'm slowly breaking, and I'll show you how!

If you use your make up brushes daily, ideally you should wash them once a week. Not only does it make them nicer and softer to use, it will get rid of bacteria, oils and dead skin cells in them. A lot of people may not realise that this is what is causing breakouts, not the products themselves.

Washing your make up brushes is not a difficult job, but there a few things that should be done that not everyone knows.

1. Firstly, you must use warm water, not boiling hot and not freezing cold. If the water is too hot, it may damage the brushes. Make sure you point the brush downwards so the water doesn't run into the brush handle. It may loosen the glue.

2. Then, apply brush shampoo (I use one from ELF, but there are plenty available) and massage the bristles. I would not recommend normal shampoo, but I've heard Johnson's Baby Shampoo is a great alternative as it's mild. Rinse and repeat as many times as you need until the water runs clear.

3. Gently squeeze any excess water from the brush and reshape it.

4. Lay the brush on it's side on a towel and leave to dry. If you leave your brushes to dry standing up, the water will run down, and loosen the glue. No one wants ruined brushes!

5. Make sure the brush is completely dry before using again. Depending on how dense the bristles are, it could take from a few hours to a whole day!

As I mentioned earlier, I hardly ever wash my brushes *slaps wrist* however I have started to use my ELF Daily Brush Cleaner. It's super cheap, and every day after use, I simply spray the brush and wipe it clean. Simple! :)

PS Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I'm not sure where time goes!



  1. I love washing my makeup brushes, but I'm naughty and just use a cheapo cleansing shampoo from Asda! Does the job and they feel lovely after x

  2. ooh i might have to try the elf brush cleansing products :D x

  3. Good to know! Might try these soon!
    Thanks for sharing x

  4. I recently bought the ELF brush shampoo and now im thinking of getting the everyday cleanser... would you recommend? xxx

    1. I would definitely recommend. It's perfect for eyeshadow brushes that need cleaning daily (well, for me anyway as I like to use different colours every day)

  5. I really need to get into the habit of doing this, as at the moment I'm not religious about it. Thanks so much for the tips, you have inspired me. Do you recommend the Elf cleaners? As I know they are reasonably priced.


    1. I'm not religious about it either, I rarely do it which is why the daily cleaner is useful. I recommend them as they do the job and that's all you can ask for in a product really.

  6. You can wash weekly with any gentle anti bacterial soap. I love the ELF brush spray. I keep it in my kit when working on location to clean between clients. It was sold out forever. Thanks for reminding me that I need to check on that.


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