Tuesday, 6 March 2012

New Ways To Follow

As you all know GFC disappeared for all non-Blogger users. As mine is Blogger, you can indeed still follow Ditzy Glamour via GFC. However, I noticed that so many people have changed how they view blogs simply because they can't follow all on GFC anymore. So I thought I'd do this post to show how you can follow my blog (and also others).


I did a post on this here and it honestly is one of my favourite ways to follow blogs now. I go on there almost daily and I have found so many new blogs (surprisingly most have been lifestyle and design blogs!). You can follow me on HelloCotton here.


I joined Bloglovin as soon as I started my blog, and only recently has my follower count on here started to grow. I don't particularly like Bloglovin myself as I like to see who is following etc. but if you do follow blogs that way then you can follow me on Bloglovin here.


Ditzy Glamour has a Facebook page! It's taken me a while to get used to it and I feel silly writing status updates on there at the moment as there aren't many 'likes' but once the count goes up, you will hear a lot from me on there! You can 'like' my Facebook page here.


Okay, so you can't exactly follow my blog on Twitter but you can follow me. I tweet a lot, and I always tweet my posts so you can catch up from there. I know a lot of other bloggers tweet their posts too, so if you haven't yet got Twitter ... go go go! You can follow me here.


Finally of course you can still follow via GFC if it is your preferred way.

I appreciate every single follower, however you may read my blog, and I just want to say thank you for reading and especially for commenting. Blogging really does make me happy and it makes me even happier to know other people enjoy reading it too.

Finally, just a little note. I just read this post on Charlotte's blog. Her, and many others have recently lost GFC and are aiming to reunite readers with their favourite blogs. Please please please, visit her post, and help spread the word. :)

What's your favourite way to follow blogs?


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