Thursday, 19 July 2012

Review | GHD Straight and Smooth Spray

I say this a million times, but my hair is horrible. It is the one thing I wish I could change about myself as it is so difficult to manage. Everyone I know tells me I should love my naturally curly wild hair, but I just can't. I never wear it naturally and my hair straighteners are my best friend.

I will try any spray, serum or mousse that claims to help tame frizzy, unruly hair and make straightening it a better experience. I have a whole shelf full of hair products that all claim to do different things. A lot work, some don't.

This is why I was super excited when I received ghd's Straight & Smooth Spray*. My first impression was that it looks so professional, and it now was a firm spot at the front of my haircare shelf (I like it to look pretty). It reminds me of the bottles that you see in the hairdressers that you don't even ask the price because you're certain you won't be able to afford it.

After washing my hair, I sprayed this all over my hair. I only needed about 6 sprays. It has a slight perfumed smell, but it isn't too overpowering which I liked. I then blow dried and straightened my hair, and I loved the transformation. My hair felt completely different - as I straighten my hair a lot, the ends are dead and dry, but this made that feeling go away completely. My hair looked, smelt and felt amazing. It was like I'd been to the hairdressers. (You know you never feel like you can get the same feeling at home, well now you can! It's not exactly the same - I'm not a professional! - but it was close).

My hair was a lot less frizzy after using this, but it wasn't flat. It still looked like there was some life in it, and it also took me less time to straighten it as it was much more tamed. It also has heat protection in it, which we all need. I prefer hair products that do more than one thing, as it saves me overloading my hair with lots of different products.

The Straight and Smooth spray costs just £12.95 which I think is a really good price considering you don't need that many sprays and therefore it will last a long time. Will I repurchase? Definitely.

(I honestly feel like I have rambled in this post - when I love a product so much I find it hard to explain without sounding like I have gone mad. I do hope it makes sense to you, and I hope you like the review)

Have you tried any products from the ghd range before?

*product sent to me for review

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  1. I have my best friends my lovely gorgeous GHD's my boyfriend brought for me for Xmas.. Use them all the time and I've tried and still use the GHD'S heat protection spray! Deffo gona give this a go too now! X great review X


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