Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Shopping The Stash #2

I really enjoyed my last Shopping the Stash post and it felt good to use some products that had been unloved, so I decided to do it again for this week. I'm currently on a September Spending ban (feel free to join me!) and so buying new make up is off limits all month, so shopping the stash is definitely needed.

I have so so so many pencil eyeliners and I tend to chop and change a lot, but the Collection one has been a little unloved lately so I thought I'd sharpen it and start using it again. The Nars Orgasm is a product I fell in love with when I first received it in a Glossybox, but since then I haven't touched it as I always saw it as a luxury product and not something I can afford to repurchase (am I the only one who does this?). However, I used it before a night out lately and I was so happy with how it looked that I've decided to start using it again. These lipsticks are part of my ever growing collection that never seems to be used. So, this week I vow to wear lipstick every day. And the foundation is a firm favourite of mine. I thought I'd done a review on it but I haven't (I shall when I repurchase). I've almost finished this, and I've now opened the tube and I am scraping the edges. I'll probably finish this in the next week.

Are any of you planning on shopping the stash this week?


  1. The Nars Orgasm is something I've lusted after for ages!
    Beauty Fiends Blog

  2. I used to love using the Nars Illuminator too, I definitely need to dig it back out I've been meaning to use it again for ages!

  3. Lovely choice; I'm yet to try out any Nars products, I think I may splurge on their Sheer Glow foundation when I get paid, heard nothing but good things!
    I'm currently on a make up ban too, I really don't need anything new! I've also rediscovered eyeliners I discarded a little while ago that need some love xx


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