Thursday, 25 October 2012

NEW What's In My Bag?

I did a 'What's in my bag?' post back in January this year, and since then I've changed bags and what goes in it so I thought I'd do an updated version.

The bag is from Primark and was an absolute steal at £12. I was torn between this and the black but I don't really have any bags this colour so I got this one. I love the studs on the side and it's very roomy, although luckily I haven't overloaded it with rubbish and I think I don't actually carry that much around anymore.

The picture speaks for itself really. I try not to carry too much around in my bag. Being organised is so important to me, and I hate having to rummage around for things.

This is my amazing purchase. It's a handbag organiser from Primark which cost £3 and has lots of little compartments to keep everything in sections. I normally have just a few bits in here too. I change what goes in here quite a lot as I tend to fill it quite quickly. Before doing this post, I realised I had four lipsticks in there! It's because I'll wear one, chuck it in my bag to do touch ups during the day, then forget. Then the next day, I'll do the same with another lipstick.

If you read my other blog, you'll know where the mascara came from and why it's permanently in my bag. (Long story short, I left for work with a full face of make up but no mascara so had to buy one). This is what I keep in the handbag organiser.

I am currently holding a giveaway on my other blog where you can win a handbag organiser for yourself, so head over and enter. :)



  1. Ooooh I love your bag, anything with studs is a winner to me! I need to be more organised with my bag - mine is full of a million receipts! xx

  2. Your bag is amazing. I think my bag is the only thing not effected by my OCD, I just throw everything inside including money and cards while Im shopping lol:(

  3. I really want this bag! I've seen it on so many blogs x

  4. I have the same studded bag from Primarni :) lovely post hun!
    N xoxo

  5. This is such an excellent idea! i really like the thought of getting compartments in your purse and was considering shopping for one thing just like the bag only for the organization facet thus thanks for this alternative!"Nicely given data during this post, I opt to browse this sort of stuff."The handbag organizer appearance nice, one thing I undoubtedly would like for my mess of a bag! assume i am attending to go get myself one currently thus give thanks you!


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