Sunday, 28 October 2012

This Week I... #1

- bought this bad boy in the picture above. I actually thought it was one big box but it's actually lots of normal sized boxes in one. Not going to lie, I was a little bit gutted.
- fell flat on my bum... and filmed it! I was filming my dog and my mum's boyfriend's dog chasing each other and they ran under me and tripped me over. Every time I watch the video I laugh. I was tempted to put it on Youtube but I think I'll save myself the embarassment!
- got inspired! I watched my boyfriend's sister and brother in law compete in the Great South Run today and I so want to do it next year! The atmosphere is amazing and I think it will be such a great achievement for me if I do it.
- used up a lot more products. You'll see in my most recent update post, I said I'd used up 18 products, but I've used up so many more in the past week. I think I'll do an update even sooner than I planned.
PS. I hope you like this little new addition to the blog. I plan to do it every week (hopefully not this late each time!)


  1. Gutted on your behalf that that isn't one huge box of fingers! x

    It's like a dream come true apart from I wish it was one huge box as well. It's like when I opened a tin of giant vaseline thinking It would be a giant tin of vaseline when it was four small ones :(

    Charlotte xo

  3. I think I need those fingers. I've got such a craving now :') <3

  4. Wowee to the fingers, though I too would have been disappointed that they were individual packets :(
    You should put the vid on you've been framed and get yourself £200 or whatever it is they pay! x

  5. My jaw dropped at all those chocolate fingers! :O Haha, that's such a shame that it's not a huge tray. Imagine if there was a Dairy Milk bar that long... Wow, I talk about food way too much...

    You should send the video to You've Been Framed, you might make £250! Hahaha

    I was going to do the Great South Run, the 5K but I had a commitment and I was quite disappointed not to do it, but I wasn't sure if I was fit enough to do in my target time... But I am definitely going to do it next year. :)

    ~Hannah xx


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