Sunday, 13 November 2011

Another Little Update

Hi everyone,

I hate the fact that I never seem to have any time to blog anymore. I actually miss it so much and I miss reading other blogs even more. It just seems to be that there is always something that needs to be done or I'm too exhausted to do it! I wish I could do a different type of post instead of a chit-chat one, but I haven't had time to take any photo's and I'm not really in the right frame of mind for a 'proper' blog post.

I'd like to take this opportunity to ask you all what kind of posts you like to see? I know many of you entered my last giveaway and mentioned many of things that you'd like, but they were all mostly beauty related. Are there any more 'lifestyle' posts you'd like to see, as I'd like to call my blog beauty/lifestyle but I'm not sure if it really is? Anyway, please do comment with your ideas.

Hope you all have a lovely evening!

PS Who do you think will be going on tonight's X Factor, I think Janet!



  1. i really like food type posts :) its hard being healthy on your own!!!! :P


  2. Hey hun!

    I totally get what you mean, uni takes up most of time and any of it left is taken up seeing my boy. My poor little blog has suffered and sometimes I feel very uninspired :(

    I love all your posts! Would be nice to see a few more personal ones :) Lifestyle ones I suppose :)



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