Thursday, 24 November 2011

Charity Shop Buys: A Make Up Bargain!

Today has been one of the best days ever! I passed my driving test today (thinking of doing a 'Jess's Guide To' on helping others). I also got my uni grant (hello money towards new car) and I also had a lovely, hilarious night out with Aiden, my mum and my brother.

The final thing that made my day was my amazing bargain finds. I was just casually browsing a local charity shop with my mum and Aiden, when I saw this little box of make up at the till. I honestly thought it would be rubbish bits, but when I looked, they had brands including Urban Decay, Ruby & Millie and Max Factor! I nearly bought the whole box - but instead decided to purchase just a few items. I will definitely go back again though. Here's what I bought - you'll be amazed at the prices.

Eyelure Individual False Eyelash Ultra RRP £5.30 - purchased for £1.50

Having struggled with normal false eyelashes, I had been against paying out for these as I knew I'd probably just give up and waste over £5. However, this price was just too good to resist. Although there are 4 missing, I wasn't really that fussed over it, and I can't wait to have a play around with them - especially as they're semi permanent.

Max Factor Lasting Lip Tint Shade 03 RRP £.7.99 - purchased for 50p

I have wanted this for so long but just didn't get round to buying it yet, so you can imagine how happy I was when I saw it for just 50p! It is so easy to apply and the colour is great. I almost prefer it to lipstick!

Max Factor Max Colour Effects Lip Gloss Shade 07 RRP £4.99 - purchased for £1.00

You can never have too many lip glosses can you? I'm not even sure why I purchased this, I think it was more the price. :)

Again, I simply purchased these just to try them out and because they were a bargain. But these colours looked lovely and I can't wait to try them out.

Grand saving of £24.26!!

Pretty good bargain hunting if I do say so myself. :)



  1. Massive congrats on passing your driving test.
    Must've been your lucky day as the bargains were a truly brilliant find.

  2. Congratulations on passing your driving test =)
    & what fab bargains! xo

  3. You got some amazing bargains!

    Sarah xx

    I passed my test a month ago now - scariest day of my life without a doubt!
    Your day sounds seriously amazing though, I wish charity shops near me had some make-up bargains like that!


  5. Massive congrats on passing your driving test!
    Some great bargains there xx

  6. What bargains! I love that lip tint!

  7. Oooo! I've been wanting some of the Max Factor lipstains for ages!!
    Would you be able to buy me some (if there's any left) and i'll pay you back + the postage?!:D (very cheeky of me, sorry!)
    And congrats on the driving test!

  8. Not cheeky at all Jessica, everyone loves a bargain. If I see anymore I'll buy them and let you know. :)


  9. Thank you so much :) xx

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. I love charity shops, would love to hear how you get on with the eyelashes.. i can just about manage normal ones! Congrats on your driving test!


  12. :O This is amazing! I am addicted to charity shopping, but none of the charity shops near me have any makeup :(

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__


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