Thursday, 17 May 2012

Discounted MAC anyone?

Now I'm sure this title caught your attention, and no I'm not making it up. We all know MAC don't do sales, and everytime you see a cheap MAC product you immediately think 'FAKE'. Well, I know a little shop that has real MAC for a discounted price.

The shop I'm talking about is called Cosmetics Company Outlet, and after a little research I found out that there is more than one store and for more information, see Charlotte from Lipglossiping's blog post on it. The one I'm talking about is in Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth. The area itself is lovely and full of outlet stores which I could spend all of my money in. There's also lots of restaurants and lovely views of the harbour; very worth a day visit (You can use that sentence when persuading your boyfriend to go with you.)

Cosmetics Company Outlet sells all Estee Lauder products (there may be more than you think!). These include MAC, Bobbi Brown, Clinique and Estee Lauder itself. The shop is quite small, so of course they don't store everything but they have a wide range. A few things I noticed in the shop include:

MAC make up brushes (not all)
Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation
Clinique Cleansers
A lot of perfumes
Bobbi Brown eyeshadow palettes
MAC eyeshadows and lipsticks
+ many many more.

Now, I'm sure you're all thinking 'Ssh Jess and just tell us how much things cost in there'. It's roughly 30% off. I purchased MAC Hue lipstick last week for £9.50 (RRP £13.00)

Does this shop sound like heaven to you? It is for me!


  1. If only it wasn't about 400 miles away from me :( (that's approx, I have no idea how far it is away from me. At least 6 hours in the car anyways). I have actually been the the Gunwharf Queys about 3 times but never been in the CCO because I didn't know about it, SO ANNOYING. xx

  2. Ahh we have one in York! Love it and need to go again very soon, hue is a right bargain! X

  3. Nice!
    PS: Does you already participated in the giveaway on my blog:


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