Sunday, 6 May 2012

Your Questions Answered.

I'm hoping to do a little Q&A post in a few weeks time, and I need your help as I clearly can't ask myself questions. You may not have any to ask, but if there are any questions you think I, as a beauty blogger or frugal blogger (not quite sure what to call it), may know, then please ask.

Examples could include:

- Opinions on anything beauty related, e.g. hair problems, skincare tips

- Any question regarding the Open University

- Any money worries you have, or anything you would like to know regarding how I save money

- Blogging questions (I've been blogging for almost 2 years)

- Anything random!

I love seeing other Q&A blog posts and videos and I think it would benefit anyone. You can leave questions below in the comment box, you can e-mail them at You can even tweet me or be anonymous and use Formspring! All information is on my contact page.

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