Thursday, 10 May 2012

Simple Nail Art

I'm no nail expert but I love playing around with different designs and my favourite by far is the leopard print designs I did a very long time ago. Today's nail art is a little bit more simple and definitely very easy to do.

I did one coat of Barry M's Cyan Blue. This colour is gorgeous, although I always get a little scared with bright blue nails. Also, I was amazed that one coat was perfect.

After it dried, I used Models Own Nail Art Pen in White and did dots randomly on my nails. It's not perfect, but I'm pretty pleased with the results and it's perfect for anyone who wants to start dabbling with nail art.

Any nail art you'd like me to try? I'm willing to give anything a go!


  1. I love painting polka dots on to my nails, mint green with white dots is my favourite combination :)

    Frances xx

  2. Hi from your newest follower!

  3. If you use the end of a bobby pin you can use it like a dotting tool! Also, if you find that the dots it makes are too small you can dip it into paint, let it dry, dip it in again, let it dry etc. until it's built up enough for it to be a big enough dot. Hope this helps to make your dots even better, I love dots!

    You can also use the a pin with a round head on it and to make that easier to use stick it into the rubber on the end of a pencil. :)

  4. are you wearing false nails?if you are which one are they? xx


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