Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Birds and Blossoms

A while ago I was given the chance to review a bookmark. Reading is one of my favourite ways to wind down and I always have a book on the go. My favourite places to read are on the bus to work and in the bath (which my mum thinks is weird).

Birds and Blossoms is a small website created by Zoe (@teeny_town). I love her idea and think it's original to sell bookmarks as usually most bloggers sell jewellery. I was sent the "Magical Unicorn" bookmark which is a lovely lilac colour. I have been using the bookmark for the last week or two, and I love that it's more practical than the one I had before.

What I love most, is that the material is a good quality and keeps the bookmark in place, so there's no chance of me dropping it in the bath, and I can hold the bookmark on the page, and still see the words - perfect for when I need to rush off the bus after being too engrossed in as book. (Both of these have happened!)

The bookmarks cost £2 each not including p+p which I think is a really fair price. They also arrive safely packaged with a cute little card - it's the little things that make a difference.

Zoe is a lovely, lovely girl and I'd love for you all to check out her website as well as her blog. Let me know if you purchase anything!

PS. I am now taking advertisements for July. If you would like to sponsor my blog for a very very small fee then please e-mail, tweet, or get in some form of contact and I will be happy to reply. :)
*product was sent to me to review


  1. Aww that's so pretty, I love the little unicorn! xx

  2. As someone who crafts I'm always really really surprised when I see things like this sell for much more than they cost in terms of components and time... which sounds bitchy, and I don't mean it that way at all, its more that I'm surprised that the percieved value so much outweighs the literal cost, I guess? I'm bad at wording myself today. Its cute, in any case xD

    1. I personally don't know how much it costs to make - but you'll find that every company charges a lot more than the cost. Most clothes shop you go to have added 60% to the cost. I would happily pay £2 for this, as there are a lot of bookmarks in shops for that price and I would rather give my money to someone like Zoe.

      It's not bitchy, it is a fair point and I guess it's down to each person to choose how they spend their money. :)


  3. This book mark is really cute, I love reading in the bath too! xx


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