Sunday, 10 March 2013

Give and Make Up

When I set my New Year Resolutions in January, one of them was to be more charitable. However, as I'm saving this year, I didn't want to just hand over money, so I had to find other ways.

Give and Make Up is something I heard about last year and what they ask for is everyday essentials that they can give to women and children who have suffered from domestic violence. They don't ask for money and they are non-profitable. It all goes to those who need it most.

Statistics about domestic violence are quite shocking, and after going through something like that - a little bit of help goes a long way. Some of these women and children have left their homes with nothing, and so a little bit of help can make a difference to their lives.

I think Give and Make up is such an amazing idea, and I think bloggers should really do their bit. The list of items you can send includes pretty much anything, from body lotions to hair dye to lipstick. They also accept anything for babies and hair straighteners etc. There is a full list here. They also take samples. If you're fortunate enough to receive PR samples - used it once and didn't like it - donate it!

Now you could always go shopping and buy items to donate too - most things are really cheap, especially shower gels etc. However, I decided to raid my cupboards and give them some items that I don't use.

For more details, visit their website - and even if you don't have anything to donate, at least spread the word. Share this blog post, or write your own. Do your bit. :)



  1. Thanks for sharing this, I've got a load of products I've hardly used that I don't really want to just throw away - I've been looking for somewhere where I can donate them but haven't really found anywhere so I'll definitely be sorting a little package out for them soon :)

  2. great idea, i'm thinking of getting a load of stuff together and dropping it off at their offices when I'm next in London, saves on postage! x

    Jade | Beauty Butterfly Blog


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