Thursday, 21 March 2013

Hair | How To Do A Fishtail Plait

Lately I've been trying to do more hairstyles that are still easy to do in the morning's and don't take too long to do. For the past few months I've been stuck in a ponytail rut, and I desperately needed to get out if it. So every day I try and do a different hairstyle, even if it's just up in a bun, down with a headband, or a fishtail plait.

When I first saw fishtail plaits, I immediately thought it would be so difficult to do, but in fact it isn't. It might take a few tries to get it looking perfect, but I quite like the messy look anyway. I did try and film a video to show this, as it's easier, but it came out awful so hopefully my words will do it justice.

1. Brush hair to one side.

2. Using your hands, seperate the hair into two. (For a normal plait you would do three).

3. Simply take a small amount of hair from the end of one segment, and cross it over to the other section.

4. Then take a small amount of hair from the second segment and cross it over to the first.

5. Repeat until you've got to the end then tie with a hairband.

That's really it! At first I found it a bit fiddly as you have to hold two sections plus cross a bit over at the same time, but you get the hang of it.

Here's the finished look:

I've done it quite loose here, but you can create a tighter plait too (which also looks amazing). And if my words don't explain it well enough, there's plenty of videos on Youtube showing you how.

What other simple hair ideas are there? I need inspiration!


  1. Looks great! I've not mastered this yet - too much wavy hair to work with! x

  2. I can't do them very well on myself but always do a neat, tight one on my little sister and she loves it. It is such a beautiful hairstyle :) xo

  3. This looks so nice! My hair refuses to look pretty! x


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