Friday, 15 March 2013

Meet My Blog Advertiser & Ways To Follow My Blog

Each month I offer blog advertisements to bloggers and small business owners, with plenty included in the package (see my advertising page for more details). This month I have one advertiser, who has such a lovely and beautifully presented blog, which I was a fan of before she started appearing on my sidebar.

Carousel Diary features a mixture of blog posts, from beauty reviews to fashion and I love that, like me, sometimes she can't resist buying a few purchases. She's also a bit of a whizz at social media, so if you need a hand with that, head over to her blog.

If you would like to advertise on my blog, feel free to tweet me at @ditzyglamour or e-mail me at My rates are really good, and there's lots involved too.

Also, there's lots of rumours about GFC going, so just incase, here's a few ways to keep up with my blog.


Let me know how you usually catch up on your favourite blogs, I'd love to know.



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  1. Gorgeous Blog!
    Check out mine?


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