Tuesday, 30 August 2011

MAC Collection

This is only a short post, more to ask for your help. Those of you know who read my 101 Things page will know that number 84 is to own 15 MAC eye shadows. I already owned Knight Divine from a while ago, but last week I purchased the 15 eye shadow palette and Carbon.

I seriously adore these two colours but I now have 13 spaces to fill. My aim is to have; colourful eye shadows on the top row; neutrals on the middle row; and blacks, greys etc on the bottom row.

I'm asking you, my lovely followers, to advise me on which eye shadows to get? Also, if you are selling any, do let me know!



  1. My favourite neutrals are Mulch, Naked Lunch (a must), Satin Taupe, Patina (amazing, another must) and Phloof. I'm not too keen on All That Glitters- it's too peachy for me.

    I don't have any bold colours in mine, just neutrals but I do love Coppering- it's an antique copper colour. I'd say give Paradisco a miss, it just doesn't transfer and is a total waste of money! If Mulch is a bit too dark for you, I really like Sable; it's got a gold undertone but isn't too gold to be noticeable.

    Hope that helps! I'm no expert (at all) xxx

  2. Satin Taupe! and if you like filling in your eyebrows with powder, get someone at a MAC counter to suggest one that's good for your eyebrow colour :)
    Also woodwinked is gorgeous :) xx


  3. All that glitters - Love it so much, works really well with green/blue eyes and very easy to pair with anything! x

  4. nudes:
    brule, ricepaper, nylon, mulch, sable, naked lunch, satin taupe, honey lust,

    passionate, plum, orange, goldmine, aquadisiac, electric eel, mythical

    scene, handwritten, print, smut, brun

    to hear more from me go to blogbeforebeauty.blogspot.com :)

  5. You inspired me to do a post on my MAC eyeshadows! It'll give you a chance to have a proper look at my favs, rather than me just giving names!

  6. I love All That Glitters, Woodwinked, Ricepaper and Naked Lunch (all neutrals)

    I'm selling Creme d'Violet and Hepcat in the pans for £7.50 each (inc p+p) if you're interested? Both only used once!

    Looking forward to seeing what colours you pick.x


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