Friday, 19 August 2011

Things I Learned In July 2011

I enjoy reading these posts on other blogs so much that I decided to jump on the bandwagon myself. I'm not sure how exciting my 'learned things' will be to you, but it's a good little round up of the month. :)

1. It is possible to save money, no matter how much I want to spend it.

2. I am prone to fainting in hospitals..

3. ... and I know how to avoid it.

4. I need a new job.

5. That I cannot live without a Blackberry.

6. I do not own shoes that are suitable to wear in the rain.

7. I will never be 100% ready for my theory test.

8. I can't resist Burger King when offered to me on a plate (well not a plate..)

9. You're never too old to wear a tiara!

10. It is possible to teach an old dogs new tricks...

11. ..Although teaching one to fetch while you have treats in your hand is not so easy.

12. I now know how to check the sales statistics at work after almost a year!

13. How much I love Amy Winehouse's songs..

14. I can be very opinionated.

15. My boyfriend knows the way to my heart... a Chinese buffet.

16. I love Chinese food.

17. Bradley Cooper is on my 'list'

18. A banana has the same amount of calories as a Kit Kat (or something else chocolately, can't remember what but I know it made me smile!)...

19. ...My memory isn't that great.

20. Bingo Blitz on Facebook is my new addiction.

21. I make surprisingly good muffins.

22. I don't enjoy sunbathing as much as I used to...

23. .. simply because fake tan won't give me skin cancer.

24. I don't get internet in my bedroom...

25. ... unless I hang off my bed holding the laptop in one hand and typing with the other.

What have you learned in July?

PS Sorry this is so late! Was scheduled for the 2nd!


  1. I'm officially trading bananas for chocolate bars, haha!

  2. I definitely need to learn how to save a little bit more.

    Great post :)

  3. Oooh i love Bradley Cooper ;)
    Great post, might have to do these one day! :) xx


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