Sunday, 7 August 2011

Sunday Ramble 012.

- I've been such an unorganised blogger lately - I won't say 'bad' blogger as I don't have to post regularly I just choose to. I don't even know why I haven't blogged so no excuses I'm afraid! It's also going to get even more quiet this week as I'm off to my Aunt's caravan for a few days as I booked the next two weeks off work. I'm actually quite excited.

- I've started a challenge for August where I write down every single penny I spend. I purchased special finance pages for my Filofax and now I can see where all of my money goes (I've worked out I spend a lot on Lucozade :/ )

- I have rediscovered my love for H&M. I went off them for a while and the online delivery fiasco put me off even more, but after arriving at work an hour early by mistake, I popped into H&M on Oxford Street and I honestly wanted to buy everything. I held off, but went shopping there in Portsmouth yesterday and got some lovely bits. I love how cheap it all is!

- Despite all the negativity around the Cosmo Blog Awards, I decided to nominate myself after a lot of persuading by my boyfriend. Now I'm not asking for votes and there will be no prizes if you do but I would honestly love for you to vote if you love to read my blog. I'm sure there's at least one of you out there! I'm under the New Beauty Blog category and you can vote by clicking the big can't-miss-it Cosmo badge on my blog. :)

Enjoy the last of your weekend girls! :)



  1. Ooo i have also decided to write down every penny i spend (i am dreading it haha) i think mine goes on ribena haha.
    Have a nice time hun xx

  2. I too am writing all my spendings down! Most of it goes on lunch - I'm just too disorganised to make food before and bring it to the office!
    Enjoy your couple of weeks off :) xxxx

  3. I can relate to your story, I'm also horrible in organizing and thats the one thing I need to pay attention for.


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