Tuesday, 27 September 2011

3 Years Ago Today...

I met the love of my life. I felt a little unsure about writing this post as I wasn't sure what to write or if anyone would be interested. But I knew that Aiden was doing a 'free' surprise (and while writing this I still don't know what it is) and I wanted to do one back and the only thing I could think of was to declare my love for him online, so hopefully he's going to enjoy reading this as much as the rest of you!

Alot of people have judged our relationship from the beginning but I honestly think that's only made us stronger. People think meeting online is weird and that they never last but we're proof it can work! We're also proof that long distance relationships work. We both hate the long journey's but they are always so so so worth it. Finally, people think being together from the age of 16 is too young but I don't feel like I've missed out at all. In fact I feel fortunate that I've met my soulmate at a young age as most people never meet theirs, and plus I get to spend my whole life with him and experience it all with him too.

I feel so lucky to have had so many amazing memories and I really cannot wait for all the rest to come. Maybe we can take some flattering photos instead of blurry 'what was I thinking' ones (all on my part not Aiden's, he looks gorgeous in every one!)  I was going to do a sort of montage of all of our happy and funny moments but most jokes wouldn't be funny to anyone else so there wouldn't be much point! All I am going to say is that he is the best boyfriend in the whole world. He might annoy me sometimes but life wouldn't be the same without him and I appreciate him more than anything.

Happy Anniversary Aiden, I love you. :)

Aim for next anniversary: have a lot of decent photos to show. Stay tuned! :D



  1. Awww! Congratulations. I met my fiance online (myspace) i had just turned 18, we've been together 4 years in January! *sticks two fingers up to the critics* So happy for you hun, can't wait to hear what the surprise is....Aiden don't keep us all waiting :D xx

  2. Awh this post is adorable!!! :) I love the pics!!! xx

  3. This is so so cute. Love the pics through the years. Such a lovely way to document things together. I do a long distance relationship too as my boyfriend is in the Royal Navy, so I know what it's like! I hope you have a wonderful wonderful anniversary. xxxx

  4. aww thats adorable! congratulations! :'D

    maddie xx

  5. Aw, congratulations Jess + Aiden! You look so adorable :) x

  6. Awww Congratulations. you guys look awesome together! Love the pics..

  7. You're such a cute couple!


  8. awwwww cute post! Happy anniversary xx

  9. Aw this is cute :) I don't think people really understand what it means to meet someone online - it's perfectly normal!!

  10. What a lovely post - you two are so cute together, congratulations xx

  11. Just to say, I have been in a relationship for 7 years. We met online and did the long distance thing for 2 years. We get married in September!

    It can work so take no notice xx

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