Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Body Shop Body Butter Collection

I love TBS Body Butters. They are my favourite beauty products and I believe that every person should own at least one. I own 7 - 5 normal sized and 2 small. I believe they are great because they tend to last such a long time and not only does it keep your skin amazingly soft, you can still smell them on you hours after (other brands tend to not do that).

I would say my favourite is the Strawberry as it has the most gorgeous smell but I love how they are all different. For example, Brazil Nut is the best for dry skin.

What are your favourite body butters? And which one should I add to my collection?



  1. Ooh nice collection! My faves are the mango and lemon ones, but I'll have to say I hate the coconut shimmer; a sample broke out my eczema once! :( x

  2. I love bodyshop body butters, my favourite is definitively the cocoa butter xx

  3. OMG Have you tried the Almond one?? That only seems to come about during Christmas. It is the most divine smelling body butter I have ever known. If you can keep your eyes peeled over xmas :).

  4. i agree - they are amazing quality! i love the mango one :)

    maddie xx

  5. ugh I LOVE body butters i wish they came in bigger sizes cause mine only last me a month :( my fav is the mango one, the orange, and the lemon :)

  6. Passionfruit all the way!! It really smells good enough to eat!! Mango comes a close second though xx

  7. I love the strawberry one too, I also quite like coconut! x


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