Tuesday, 13 September 2011

MUA Pro Palette

After reading excessive amounts of reviews on these palettes, I decided to go out and buy myself one. Having been a huge fan of MUA products in the past (cheap, large amount, last all day) I was excited to try something from their new range.

I decided to get the 'Glitter Ball' palette as I was looking to try out some bright colours, and I was pleased with the range of colours that there was. I was also really happy with the price, £4 is not bad for a palette of that size. In fact, I was pretty pleased with everything, except for the fact that it practically falls apart everytime I touch it.

Everytime I put my brush into any of the eye shadows, it crumbles and I'm left with way too much on my brush and a ruined palette. I want to love this so much, but why is it breaking? Has anyone else had this problem or know how to solve it?



  1. I read on someone elses blog that this happened to theirs, i can't remember who's blog though i'm afraid. Such a shame, the colours look lovely! xx


  2. Maybe try and be very light handed with your brush, and tap off lots of excess? I have loads of MUA single eye shadows and the Heaven & Earth palette, they are very soft and crumbly but they work fine for me if I do the above :)

    xxx Kat

  3. I have the Heaven and Earth palette but mine doesn't do this :/ xx


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