Saturday, 29 October 2011

Seeing Red.

I'm not 'seeing red' I just couldn't think of another title for this NOTD. This is the only red nail polish I own as I always think it doesn't suit me. I'm not entirely sure why either but I thought I'd try it out.

I'd never heard of Ciate before and I still don't know how to pronounce it, but I think I got this free with Glossybox a while back? My memory is awful. Anyway, I looked on their website and it said this about Kitten Heel (the colour I am wearing):

'Long lasting full coverage nail enamel with a shimmering red that suits the festival season . Flawless painting made easier with optimum 250 bristle flat brush. Ergonomically designed to enable maximum control with a long handle and curved bottle to sit comfortably in your hand.'

I adored the look of the polish with the little bow but I didn't really like the shape of the bottle. I found it easy to apply and this is the only polish where I didn't struggle when applying using my right hand (I'm left handed). The colour is exactly how it looks in the photo however it is a little more shimmery in real life. I had to apply two coats as one was definitely not enough.

Would I repurchase? Not this colour, no. I'm not a fan of shimmer and I definitely think red doesn't look right on me. I also couldn't really justify spending £9 on a polish but if an amazing colour caught my eye, I'd consider it.

Review in one sentence: Full marks for easy coverage, just not my colour.

Take a peek at their website to view all colours available.



  1. If you don't like the shimmer try one of those matte top cops.. I think 17 (at boots) do them? they dull down vanishes a bit but it doesn't lose much of the colour :)

  2. I use Ciate's undercoat, love it so much. I think the colour's great, but red certainly isn't for everyone!

  3. Your nails are such an amazing coat! I think this colour actually looks lovely at you, but yes I'm not usually a fan of shimmer. Its all about the GLITTER <3


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