Tuesday, 25 October 2011

White Grape Range Review.

To me there's nothing better than a long relaxing bath surrounded by calming scents. It's even better when that scent lingers for hours afterwards in the form of a body butter or cream. Di Palomo, which I admit is a brand I'd never heard of before, have created a White Grape with Aloe range.

Both products came beautifully wrapped and I am a sucker for good packaging so I was instantly pleased. Whilst using the White Grape and Aloe Bath & Shower Cream, I wasn't exactly overwhelmed by the scent but it was there enough to enjoy it. It left my skin feeling really soft but I did need to use a few extra squirts of the cream in order for it to lather up enough.

Afterwards, I appled the White Grape and Aloe Body Butter which I was really excited about as we all know how much I love my body butters. As you can tell from the photo, it was really solid and I found it difficult to rub into my skin. At first it felt like more of a mask than a body butter. However, once applied, my skin felt great and there was no sticky residue which is something I thought may happen.

My experience with these products wasn't outstanding, however I will continue to use them and enjoy them as they do smell great. I do like the look of the candles in the White Grape collection and I am tempted to try them out.

The Shower cream costs £9 and the Body Butter costs £15. To view their website, click here.


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