Sunday, 23 October 2011

Things I Love About Winter

The cold dark mornings in winter always seem to make me, and many of you, extremely down. It's so easy to hate winter, and spend the next few months counting down the days until Summer. So, I decided to do a post on the good things about winter (yes there are some!) and remind everyone why we should love it.

01. Beautiful views.

2. Wearing warm cosy socks.

3. Snuggling in bed when it's raining outside.

04. Winter accessories.

05. Christmas!

What are your favourite things about Winter?



  1. My favourite things about winter is cosy socks, my birthday, christmas and snow!!!! :) x

  2. Snuggling up next to a fire or moonlit walks :]


  3. I love snuggles and knowing it's freezing outside, and seeing my dogs going MAD in the snow x

  4. I also love it when it's cold and raining outside and you don't have to leave the house. Oh and lovely mugs of hot chocolate and cocoa :-)

  5. Love watching it snow when you know you don't have to go out in it!

  6. Oh I love Winter too much. I just love the atmosphere Winter brings :) xx

  7. Christmas is pretty much the only thing I like about winter, I hate cold! :D

  8. Love this post!

    Emma x


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