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Guest Bloggers | Autumn Staples

Hello gorgeous readers here at Ditzy Glamour, I'm Ana and I've been busy blogging over at We All Think Differently. If you haven't already why not come check me out?! Jess here, told me she was going away on Holiday and wanted some guest bloggers, so i volunteered, but here's the deal..I've never blogged over at anyone else's blog, (Call it lack of confidence) and i may not be as interesting or funny as Jess is. So basically, I'm scared to do this post, but Jess told me I'll be fine, so I'm taking her word for it and jumping in.

Lets talk about Autumn Staples in your Wardrobe..

With summer coming to end, (Well lets face it, with the ONE week of British summer we had.. finished) I am super excited that Autumn is on its way..i was sitting at work the other day thinking how rubbish summer has been this year and it hit me that I'm actually so excited to get my beanies back on my head and to wrap up in my scarves I'm going to be chatting a little about what staple pieces you should have in your wardrobe OR at least what pieces I WILL have in my wardrobe.

I LOVE THEM, the longer, the better..i don't really use the thick ones until Winter fully kicks in but one that i can wrap around myself a good few times, usually excites me.
This is one thing that's in my wardrobe throughout the year, I just love them, and again the bigger the better, if you have a boyfriend, their hoodies are by far the best to wear. I like wearing mine in a dressed down way.. on my "relaxing" days, and I  also like looking for hoodies that have university names on them, I  kinda collect them.
-Flat high boots.
These for me are preferably in black or brown, I practically live in my flat boots throughout autumn, i like them high and I LOVE wearing them with my skinny jeans. This look can be quiet dressed down or with the right accessories can be glammed up.

The bigger the better, that's all I'm saying, I'm talking about those beanies that look like they're about to fall off your head.. i have SO many of them and in lots of different shades! :)
-Heeled Ankle Boots.
Perfect for a night out, they don't have to be all dressy up they can be simple and it would still work.. you can wear them with a dress and some tights, or even with some jeans.. i think everyone should own a pair.
Bear with me on this, as I think of few of you may disagree, BUT some good fitted Flares to me are a MUST.. they are perfect with some heels, and again can be dressed up or down.. I think I'm going to wear mine to my new work quiet abit this Autumn.

-A Leather Jacket.
I spend alot of my Autumn time in mine, I have a brown one and a black one, the black is by far my favourite and I wear it usually with my long scarves.
I love jumpers throughout the Autumn months, I look for jumpers with great pictures or designs on the front and i look for ones that look fluffy and warm.. I tend not to go for REALLY thick ones as i always think "I will get too hot, its not winter or Christmas yet."
Weather they be skinny, or flares, or even boyfriend jeans, I love jeans, i practically live in mine, all year round. I love then cropped and I love them long. To me this is an essential piece of clothes every wardrobe should have regardless of the season!

And there you have it, my MUST HAVES.. for the coming Autumn month.

What are your staple pieces and have I missed anything out?!

Thank You to Jess for allowing me to write this little post on here..! :)

Ana X

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