Wednesday 15 August 2012

Guest Bloggers | Prolonging Make Up

Today's blog post is by Aniqah at Enjoy!

I know many people will often come across the problem of how to prolong their make-up.  Whether it is due to an oily skin-type that allows your base to slide all over your face, a dehydrated patch of skin than quite literally sucks up all your make-up, or the weather, which, let's be frank, is a tiny bit on the weird side at the moment.  Then there is the issue of how to make your make-up last for occasions such as weddings or graduations and wotnot.  I have, in my cosmetics and skincare arsenal, a number of products that I use to help me with this problem, and thought today might just be the time to share it with you!

First up, you need to know your skin-type: by identifying this, you can identify exactly what you need to do with the rest of your routine to help your make-up stay on all day.  My skin-type, for example, is oily, with a dehydrated nose, meaning that my nose suddenly has no foundation on!  To counter this, I quite often use a combination of a balm cleanser to add moisture, clay mask to draw out impurities, then a moisturiser to re-balance the skin.  My products of choice at the moment are the Boots Botanics Organic Cleansing Balm, Good Things 5 Minute Facial Mask and the REN T-Zone Balancing fluid.  To add extra moisture to my dehydrated nose and eyelids I often use an intensive moisturiser such as my DCL Post Peel Quick Recovery Lotion at night.  When it comes to skincare, use products suitable for your skin-type but always remember that you need to put back some of what you take out: balance deep-cleansing products with moisture-replenishing products, and your skin should be happy.

I have one primer that I turn to when needed - I generally go without a primer as I already pile layers and layers onto my face.  It is Philosophy The Present, which I find acts as yummy-scented super glue!

In terms of foundation, I would say the best I have come across in terms of longevity is the Dior Forever.  It comes in a large range of shades, has a matte, very polished finished, and is buildable from around a medium-high to a flawless coverage.  It easily lasts around 7 hours unpowdered, BUT I always powder.

When it comes to a setting powder, I have only used one for the last 2 years: the Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder.  It is a super finely milled powder, white in colour, but completely translucent on the face.  It works to blur imperfections, creating a soft-focus finish on the face, and helps in the battle to control oil.  I use this after my pressed powder, and find that I really notice the difference when I do not use it.

Newest to my little arsenal is the Collection 2000 Fix It Up Spray.  This is a last step after all make up is applied, although I prefer to use it before I apply mascara, but each to their own.  You simply spray from a couple of inches away, inhale the yummy smell, and wait for it to dry and therefore set your make up.  I find that this really holds its own when used during the day at any point where you might get shiny.  It does not disrupt the make up at all, and just serves to perfect it further.
I hope you liked my tips - and remember it all starts with skincare!
Love A.x


  1. great post - totally have this problem!
    i would love to try the collection 2000 setting spray - its hard to find a cheap one :)

    maddie xx

  2. Great tips. I have oily skin with a dehydrated nose & parts of my cheeks too. Its so annoying. Im going to try the Collection 2000 Fix It Up Spray - what a bargain.
    Lovely post

  3. I've been meaning to try fix me up for so long, although I've heard mixed reviews. x


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