Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Monthly Favourites | July

Another month, another set of favourites!

See original review here. I still love this product and it puts a little 'life' into my face. The only downside is that the white packaging has got so dirty!

See review of my other shimmer cube palette here. These are perfect for travelling and I have been mixing the colours together to get different natural looks. The one I'm loving is Shade 06.

I have been applying this underneath and on my inner eye to help get rid of the dark circles. It helps a lot without looking too over the top.

This is very gentle but still exfoliates my skin well, without leaving my skin feeling red or sore. This is perfect for anyone who has oily skin.


  1. I've never used any of S&Gs make-up products. I'll have to check your review out now xx


  2. 2 of your fave products (The Body Shop ones) are mine! Love shimmer cubes and the Seaweed scrub is amazing!





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