Saturday, 26 January 2013

Dotcomgiftshop Haul

Dotcomgiftshop is by far my guilty pleasure. I have spent months browsing their website and creating endless wishlists in my head. Just after Christmas they had a sale on and I couldn't resist. I got a couple of bits and left it at that. However, a short while after that order arrived, they added more to the sale, including things I wanted! So I ordered another box of goodies and they arrived today, so I thought I'd do a haul of everything I've got.

I am in love with everything I purchased. Most of it will all be going into storage for when we get our own place but it's nice to know we've got some bits to have when we get there. We have nothing at the moment so we are starting from scratch with everything. I know it will be pretty expensive which is why I shop in sales and look around way in advance.

I absolutely adores these sets and I love the colour scheme too. The tea/coffee/sugar set was reduced to £4.95 and the tins were also £4.95. I'm not sure what the full price was but I think it was at least half price or there about for everything!
I'm not sure why I bought these - Aiden even said we probably won't have these spices but I want to prove him wrong! I thought these would look perfect with the other tins, and I promise I will use them! These were reduced to £3.95.
Now these were all little extras that go with the tins! I'm clearly in love with their 'Pantry Design' range! The jelly mould was 50p, the napkins were £1.00, the tea towels were £3.95 for two, and the shopping list was £1.95.
I can't do much baking at the moment but when I get my own place I plan to bake all the time so I got these cute cupcake cases that were 50p each.
Planning ahead just a tad but I thought these would be perfect for Christmas next year with brown wrapping paper. It was £1.50 for the ribbon and £2.95 for the string.
The sale at is still on (it ends midnight 28th January) and delivery is only £3.95 which is pretty good if you buy a lot. Let me know if you're getting anything and if you're as in love with this website as I am!


  1. Those are some really cute tins, I wish my kitchen was shabby chic enough for them!

  2. Love those tins!!

    Sadie x

  3. aww these are adorable, I love kitchen things xx

  4. Everything looks so cute!! Love it:)

  5. These items are all so super cute! love the vintegy look of them as well.

    xo, Vita

  6. I LOVE dotcomgiftshop, amazing haul! so up my street!



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