Monday, 14 January 2013

Use By Dates

It was only recently that I learned that almost every cosmetic has a period of which the product is okay, a sell by date if you will, and is symbolised by an open tub with a number followed by M - signifying the number of months the product is 'in date'.
This shocked me and worried me quite a bit, because if I threw out things I'd owned for longer than it said on the packaging - I don't think I'd have anything left!
I received a FCUK gift set for Christmas two years ago. I hadn't got round to using the products as I had other products to use up first. I tried them once when I first got them (too much excitement to try new products!) but that was it. However, although they say 12 months on the bottle, there's no actual sign that they are 'off'. They smell, look and feel the same as any other product I've used, so what does it mean?
I'm not quite sure why I'm writing this post. I guess it's to find out your opinion, and whether you even look at it? We all know we should throw out mascaras after 6 months, but is it a bad thing if you don't? Has anyone really had a bad reaction to something, or is it just to save the company if something does?
Excuse the rambly post, but I'm looking forward to your comments!


  1. I tend to throw out more natural products if it's past it's use by date but with cosmetics I find it hard to just because of the amount of money they cost! <3

  2. I don't bother with dates on products, if they look funny or smell funny i chuck them but otherwise i don't see any reason to. What if the product has been sat on the shelf for 8 months since it's been made? You just don't know! x

  3. The date on the product is from when you start using it, so if it has a seal on it or something it should still be ok to use :) Aswell you can probably just tell when a product's off if the smell or consistency changes xx

  4. I think some of their dates are spot on, I had a Soap and Glory hand food that I completely forgot I had, and year and a bit after I got it it started to smell, not bad, but not how it should. It depends what it's for - I'm less likely to use an 'off' product on my face, whereas if it was a shower gel I'd probably still use it despite what it says.

  5. I tend to just use them as a guide, I only really stop using something if it seems to have changed in some way (texture changes, smell changes, colour changes). I think the dates are there to just cover the companys backs just incase someone has a reaction to something

  6. I think they're important guides. I think of all the products I use on my body on a daily basis and the harm they could do me if they were all out of date! I've never had a bad reaction from a gone off product but I really don't ever want to have one! xx

    Angelica [One Little Vice]

  7. I can't say I've ever had a bad reaction but I don't like to risk it i throw it out if there's any change to the product :) I'm trying to reach 100 followers by my birthday and I would love it of you could be part of it xxx

  8. I did a post on this a little while ago. A lot of the products you just have to use your common sense :) the majority of them will probably need to be disposed of not 12months after purchasing but 12months after they have been opened as this is when air (and bacteria) start to get into the product, making it go nasty. Best rule of thumb is if the texture or smell has changed, don't use it and try not to have too many products on the go at once :)

    Natalie xoxo

    The Blonde Ethos


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