Friday, 4 January 2013

Using Up Products | I Did It!

Back in September I wrote this post, which talked about my need to use up products and clear some space for when Aiden and I live together. We are now living together, and I am so glad that I started this challenge, as I struggled with the products I did have!

My aim was to use up 50 products before Christmas, and at one point I didn't think I'd achieve it. But somehow I did. And here's what I used up...

The picture doesn't do as much justice as there was A LOT of products ... 81 to be exact. Yes that's right, in 3 months I managed to use up 81 products, and it doesn't even seem like I've made a difference to my collection. There are some products that I miss already, especially the body butters and a few foundations. However, I've got enough body butters to last me until next Christmas so I won't be buying any anytime soon.

It was quite therapeutic doing this challenge as it was exciting to finish something and add it to my pile. My little Ted Baker box I used got quickly swapped for a bigger box as I filled it in a month!

Have you done anything like this? Are you planning on doing it in the future?


  1. WOW - Thats amazing. Where did you store all your empties?

    Emma x.x.x

    1. If you read my first post, you'll see the Ted Baker box I used. But I changed to a huge storage box and just kept adding to it. It was quite amazing to watch it grow! X

  2. Crikey Jess, well done!

    I am doing an 'inventory' of all the beauty stuff (not make up/nail polish though) this weekend I think as I need to make sure I stop buying stuff I already have and start using up things!

    Reading your success story has spurred me on a lot more!

    Zoe xoxo

  3. Really wish I could do this! I have so many things I need to use up I probably don't need to buy any body lotions or shower gels for at least a year! xx

  4. Woah that is good going! I need to get my butt into gear with using up products. x

  5. This is an AWESOME IDEA. I need to do this, I do do regular empties but never with a number/date goal, haha! I have so so much crap, for some rwason I hoard sample sized stuff =/ xx

  6. wow omg!! well done you!!! having a date to use stuff by is an ace idea!!

    Jade | Beauty Butterfly Blog

  7. well done thats amazing! I probably should do this challenge myself as I have so many products which I need to use up instead of letting them go unloved. x

  8. I have so much stuff that never gets finished, I need to try this!!

    Syeph xx


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