Monday, 25 February 2013

Home Interiors.

Whilst living with Aiden's nan, we have a box (which has grown into three..) of things for when we have our own home. In there contains things given to us from other people (ie an iron and a grill), as well as things from car boot sales (4 mugs for 50p) and things that we (read I) have seen and bought for our future home.

I'm a sucker for home interiors. I would rather spend £100 in Ikea than Boots, and I cannot wait to have my own little home that we can decorate and fill with pretty things. Although we're saving, I can't resist buying a few things every now and then. Lately, my eye seems to be spotting items in all of the shops, even shops that I wouldn't think of looking in for house things. I thought I'd do a little post of things that we've picked up lately.

This was spotted in Debenhams whilst we were Christmas shopping and we have it in our room now by the door. They had 30% off so we decided to pick it up. Debenhams has an amazing range of home items, and I'm in love with all of their wall art, including this. When we do move into our own place, I will definitely be going back there.

 These are photo boxes that have dividers in to store and organise photos. I found these in Lidl and fell in love. They also came in black, but I like a bit of colour. They were only around £4 for the two. (I was also on a spending ban when I saw these (I still am) so my lovely mum bought them for me).

This was a very spontaneous buy as we saw this in the reduced section in Tesco. We thought it would look perfect in an office space so decided to get it. It was only £5 and was on our bookshelf (you may have seen it in the background of a few blog pictures) but it's now in the 'box'.
What shops have you found good home interiors in?
PS. My Benefit giveaway is still running but ending soon, so feel free to enter. :)


  1. Great buys, I particularly love the play sign. x

  2. Love the photo boxes, what a gorgeous print. :-)

  3. These are precious. Too cute! Now following!
    If you could give me your thoughts on my latest post that would rock and if you want to follow that would make my day.


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