Friday, 15 February 2013

Review | Hairy Jayne Handmade Hair Care

Being someone who wants to set up my own business myself, I am always extremely keen to help get those smaller businesses 'out there'. I think it's so important to support smaller businesses no matter what, and I sometimes think you get a much better, personalised service (although there are larger companies that do that too).

Hairy Jayne is a an experienced hairdresser who decided to make her own hair products with her bare hands in her studio not far from where I used to live. She has used hair friendly products to create a simple yet gorgeous hair care range. Care and consideration has gone into the whole process and the bottles and packaging can all be recycled.

Having such wild and unruly hair allows me to try all sorts of products and give them what I believe 'a true test'. My hair will well and truly let me know if it doesn't like something (not through conversation, but simply by doing the complete opposite to what I want it to do) and so many products end up in a box never to be used again.

The Hairy Jayne Perfume with Heat Protection* is something that I will be using all the time. As my hair is so difficult, I only tend to wash it once a week, so I don't often have that 'new, freshly washed hair' (although it isn't dirty, let me clarify). I also use hair straighteners often and so heat protection is a vital part of my routine.

The perfume can be applied to freshly washed hair, or can be used in between washes to give your hair a pleasant aroma. I decided to give a true test and waited until Day 6 before using. I was worried it would weigh my hair down, however I needn't worry. The first thing I noticed was the instant gorgeous smell of grapefruit, may chang and jasmine. It is, no word of a lie, the most gorgeous smelling hair product I have ever used. It also left my hair feeling incredibly soft and throughout the day I kept sniffing my hair to find the scent still as strong.

I would really recommend you having a look at her website - you are guaranteed to like the look of something, also if you live in London she also does hairdressing and the information is there as well.

All Ditzy Glamour readers can get 10% off all Hairy Jayne orders with the code BLOG10

*product was sent to me for review

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