Thursday, 21 February 2013

#whatsinyourpocket & a Giveaway [now closed]

When I was approached by Money Supermarket to take part in a £20 challenge, the ideas flowed in from the word go. We all know that amazing feeling of finding money in an old jacket (you can watch their latest video here), and they wanted to recreate that. So they very kindly sent me £20 and told me to spend it on whatever I want, no rules (expect nothing illegal .. obviously!).

The real me would always save it. Pennies make pounds and it could easily have gone into our savings account and go towards our house. But the idea of this challenge was to make me, or someone else, feel good, and although saving it would make me feel good, I decided to go one step further and please as many people as I could with it. I embraced the challenge and headed to the shops with a few ideas. Here's what I bought and who for.


My aim of making as many people feel good as I could was inspired by Operation Beautiful - a website where they find notes with some kind of inspirational quote on it. I decided to spend my first bit of money on some post it notes (which part of the money goes to charity), and I wrote some lovely things and hid them for strangers to find. Here's what I put in a public toilet.


Family means so much to me, and it's easy to forget what they do for you. I decided to buy some cute cards from Card Factory so I could write to them. The first card I'm writing is to my great grandad. He's recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer and because I don't like in London anymore, I can't get to see him as much as I would like. So I'm going to write to him and remind him that he is my inspiration and I'm so proud of him.


I couldn't go without putting a little smile on Aiden's face so I bought him a little something. Ever since we've started our serious saving, he hasn't spent a penny on anything to do with the Xbox. So I decided to buy him some Microsoft points. He's also in the process of setting up his own gaming/lifestyle blog so I think they'll come in useful!

All of you

I couldn't take part in this challenge without saying thank you to my readers. Without you, I wouldn't even get asked to take part in opportunities like this, so I bought a Benefit Radiant Skincare set for a giveaway - which you can take part in below via Rafflecopter.


I put my change into a charity pot. I didn't want to waste a single penny, and that money can go to help lots of people who need it.

So who got the 'feed good' experience from my £20? Well, there's the many strangers who will find the notes, the winner of my giveaway, my great grandad and all my other family that I write to, Aiden, and the charities who get the money. And finally, I got the feel good experience, because I've made other people feel good, and you can't put a price on that.

To read how other bloggers have spent their £20 - just search #whatsinyourpocket on Twitter.

Giveaway is open to UK only.

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  1. If I were given £20 I would donate it to a charity, I've been trying to be more charitable as part of my new years resolution x

  2. With £20 I'd save it for next year. I'm doing postgrad study but Im doing it without a loan


  3. me and my husband are saving for our first mini break together so would go into out fund x

  4. If I was given £20 I'd put it towards my travelling this Autumn. Travelling is more expensive than I thought! <3

  5. I literally went awwww out loud when reading your post, so nice! Love the idea of the post it notes and how much thought you put in to everything, I really hope you win!

    If I was given £20, I would (boringly) put it in to savings. I'm really close to my goal so yeah :)

  6. I'd go home from uni and see my cat because I miss him so much :( xx

  7. This is such a nice idea!

    If i was given £20, id probably do the sensible thing and save it - my banks taken quite a beating these past few years, so i want to start saving so i have money set aside for a rainy day!
    Natalie xx

  8. I think this is one of the sweetest things to do with £20! Maybe I should go around and stick

    If I had £20, I would probably save it. I really really want to go on a Gap Year before Uni, but I have no money..haha :s Although I am feeling inspired by Joelle of who was kind enough to buy a homeless man a meal! Sometimes, I think that I/we/us humans forget about others..

    ~Hannah xx

  9. If i was given £20 i would proberly go and spend it on my son, i really want to buy him a trunki to use when we go and visit my mum and dad on their yacht!

    Really i would love to go and spend £20 on pick a mix!!

    Thank you!


  10. If I was given £20 I would buy each member of my family (just the ones that live with me) a meaningful gift.

  11. I think I would spend the £20 on a mother's day present! That will probably end up being something for our horse, as that makes her happy anyway!

  12. Get a take away and a bottle of wine :)

  13. I wish I could say I would have been as virtuous as you with a £20 but I probably would have blow it all on something from Benefit!

  14. I would spent it on a day out with the kids - fish and chips by the sea side.

    ( I love you little notes such a fab idea - and I`ll definitely be checking out the Operation Beautiful website x )

  15. Ooooh, I was part of that! Here's my post:

    Lovely blog!

  16. I have to say i've seen a few of these posts now and i really love the different ways people have spent it yet still with the goal of making people feel good.

    I think i would spend the money on some flowers for my nan who's not well, and probably pop the rest in the savings pot we have at home, lot's of things need repairing round the house unfortunately! x

  17. With £20, I would buy my mum something nice as a treat for her. She works so hard for everyone else so she deserves something back! :) Lovely giveaway! xx

  18. aww this is cute :) if i had £20 i'd buy something for my brother.. he was ridiculously generous with his birthday present to me (spent £90!) and as i poor student i spent £10, so with £20 i'd probably buy him a Superdry t-shirt x

  19. Such a great post, love your idea for the post it notes!. I bet that really made somebody's day if they found it, I know it would of made mine :). Erm I'm not sure what I'd spend £20 on, probably do something nice for each and every person in my life that I love and appreciate :).

  20. Awww your notes are so lovely. I once saw a movement called 'you are beautiful' where people would write that on notes and leave them places :)

    I'd spend my £20 on some boots, i decided today that I dont have any ankle boots and need some in my life


  21. put it towards a day out with the kids

  22. I'd put it towards some Benefit Dandelion Powder as I'm all out!

    Ace giveaway! <3

  23. the post-it note idea is so cute! :) looks like you spent your £20 wisely!
    i'd put it towards a night with the girls, i've been studying loads recently so would be nice to let my hair down!

    great giveaway! xx

  24. Lovely giveaway :)
    Really liked the post-it idea, sometimes i need a reminder to the little things which are important in my life.
    Though I'm really really good at spending money, i think i can find a better thing to do with it, rather that spending it on a beauty or fashion item. I think i'd use it to buy a nice earrings to my mom, for mother's day. She deserves it!

  25. I think I'd take my BFF out for a cheap dinner, or to the cinema. She's been very good to me lately so it's time to pay her back!

    Janey x

  26. I love your eyes :)!
    Much love,


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