Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Interiors | The White Company

Ever since Aiden and I made the plan to save up for our own home, I've been searching the high streets and websites for things that will make our house a home. Now we haven't actually got our own place yet, but that hasn't stopped me planning.

The White Company is one of my favourite shops. Every time you go in, it smells gorgeous and you're overwhelmed by the beautiful home interiors, from their candles to their bed covers. I even applied for a job there, and got it! Sadly the hours weren't enough but I would have ravished that staff discount.

When I think of my dream bedroom, I see white furniture, pale blue walls and bed covers and an array of cushions and candles. The Dream cushion* from The White Company will fit in perfectly with my plan and it's inspired me to find more to go with it.

I recently visited their Gunwharf Quays store, which is an outlet (hence Aiden not wanting me to go in there as he knows I'll spend!) and they have the most amazing candles. When my spending ban is up, I'll be purchasing this gift set of candles.


  1. I actually love that pillowcase! be great as a feature piece on your bed!

    Jade | Beauty Butterfly Blog

  2. Gorgeous cushion, I'm in love with anything with slogans, especially dream as I love my sleep haha :)

  3. I loved the blog, it is very beautiful. I'll always be here (:


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