Friday, 5 April 2013

March Empties

Seeing as I didn't do an empties last month, I have a fair amount this month. So the blog post should really be called February/March empties.

This month I tended to finish a lot of shower gels (which is great because my collection was bordering on obsessive) and face washes. Rather than chopping and changing products, I've been focusing on using the same things day in day out, which is a bit boring but it clears out my cupboards. And now I'm on a spending ban for the next two months, I hope to see my collection decrease a fair amount.

Here's what I used up:

Products I'll miss the most:
Ted Baker Body Butter // It smelt so gorgeous and left my skin feeling so soft.
Soap and Glory Perfume // Again, it smelt so good.
Sanctuary Face Wash // It felt like a spa treatment in a bottle, and lasted for ages.
Leave your March empties links below.


  1. I'm trying to do this! Got rid of loads of moisturisers this month, yay! Well done for finishing all those! =) xXx

  2. Wow so many March empties! I haven't done mine yet as I'm at home for Easter ): So it will be a late blog post!
    Fashion Ganache.

  3. I like the Fresh Batiste too! It feels so much nicer than the others. You finished up so many products, that's so impressive!

    Here's my recent empties post:

    Ashleigh x

  4. My recent empties post!

  5. Wow, great job! I've heard great things about the Blueberry body butter - isn't is discontinued now?

    Here is the link to my March empties:


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