Sunday, 21 April 2013

This Week #3

// My diary // A quick OOTD // Sunshine // Hot chocolate // New shoes // Aiden hard at work // Ice cream with sprinkles // Cup of tea and the marathon // Heading to work in the sunshine //
- What lovely weather we've had this week. It feels like summer is definitely on it's way but I'm not sure how long it will last. I couldn't resist taking a few pictures of the sunshine. I need to be more inventive with my photos though as I keep forgetting to take them!
- I went to Bournemouth this week for a training course but sadly didn't take any pictures. It is such a lovely area though and I'm definitely going to go back in the summer and visit the beach! Next week I'm off to the Isle of Wight so I promise I'll get some photos!
- My thoughts are with everyone who was injured in the Boston marathon. It was so sad to see the whole story unfold on the news. <3


  1. Nothing better than a cup of tea infront of the TV!

  2. Love the shoes!! where are they from? xx

  3. Love your photos!
    Fashion Ganache.

  4. The weather has been lovely, until now, it's raining here :(
    Enjoy the Isle of Wight :) xx


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