Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Batiste Go XXL!

As you can tell from my last post, I am a very big fan of Batiste dry shampoo, and I'm an even bigger fan of their new big bottles. So when Batiste offered me the chance to try their new XXL Volume Dry Shampoo, I couldn't resist.

The XXL Volume works in exactly the same as their other dry shampoo's, but obviously with added volume. I must admit, I was a little bit worried that it would either, a. not work, or b. turn my head into a beehive - something I didn't want.

I allowed my hair to go very greasy before using this, in order to see exactly how good it was. I didn't get a photo but my hair was extremely greasy, and flat - almost stuck to my head! (cringe) I sprayed this all over my head and then brushed it.

The results were fantastic! My hair immediately lifted and like all other Batiste Dry Shampoo's, it looked like I'd just washed it. It also gave it the boost it needed, plus a little more to make it look full of volume.

The only, only downside (and this is me being extremely picky), is that it wasn't too good for my fringe. It wouldn't go flat, which is my fault really, as I shouldn't spray XXL Volume on it if I want it flat...

To see their full range, visit their website.


1 comment:

  1. I bought this yesterday and was really excited but was disappointed!

    I put it on greasy-ish hair and I felt it made it even worse? Normally love batiste.

    Maybe should give it another try when its really dirty? xx


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