Thursday, 23 June 2011

My New Filofax

Filofaxes are everywhere, especially in the 'blogging world'. I've never considered myself to have 'enough of a life' to buy a filofax as I wouldn't have anything to write other than 'school' lol. But now, as I work shifts, I have various appointments, plus a lot of blogging to organise, I decided to get myself a Filofax.

I noticed that WHSmith had a 50% sale on, so I jumped straight on that, and purchased a lovely Filofax reduced from £50 to £20. I ordered this on Thursday 16th June with a big hope that it would arrive before my birthday (18th June). However, this Monday, I noticed a few people had mentioned WHSmith's rubbish delivery service. I looked on my account to see that my order was 'waiting for stock'. No thanks. I immediately cancelled and headed straight to the Filofax website. Please note that I normally love WHSmith, and it seems people have only had problems with ordering Filofaxes and not anything else, so don't give up on them just yet. :) A big thank you to Sofia for highlighting the problem (although she doesn't know that, I read it on her blog)

I ordered the Apex organiser in the Personal size (which is perfect for me - not too big, not too small) and of course I had to get it in Pink. It was dispatched the day after ordering (and I ordered in the evening) and arrived two days later. My filofax cost £26.00 and delivery was £3 something but if you spend £30 you get free delivery, so I bought extra To Do lists (my best friend) and website addresses (which Sophie bought with her filofax and I agree is a great way to keep track of blogs).

I am officially in love with my Filofax, and I can totally justify spending £26.00 as from now on, I only need to buy refills which are cheap. Plus, I spent more than £12 a year on a diary anyway.

I'm now heading back onto their website to find some more things to add to my Filofax - I'm thinking maybe some stickers or even a mirror!


  1. Oh no, I love and hate these posts - love them because I would love a filofax; hate because I can't afford one and I know I'd get bored and want a pretty diary eventually!

    Hope you enjoy using it :)

    Zoe xoxo

  2. Thank you for mentioning me! :) Yours is gorgeous, and not to sound too strange.. I wish mine had that ruler, I've got boring black! I haven't started writing out any bloggers yet, haven't had time :( Your name will of course be there! I'm a little too frightened to write in it and ruin it, lol. Btw, I have a new blog button if you could change it? It's much prettier! Love the photos xxxx

  3. Dang it now I have to buy I filofax! It just sounds so much better than my rubbish wilkos diary! Between you and Sophie you've got me on the biggest craving ever! Haha

    Rhiannon xo

  4. I wish I had enough excitement to justify getting a filofax but just now I really don't :( Yours is super pretty though xo

  5. I love my filofax too (I did a post on mine last night, such a strange coincidence). Yours is absolutely lovely, but I had never heard of the website address pages before so thank-you for informing me of those!
    Bel' xx

  6. I love the front cover design.
    Its great that you can add to it over time.

  7. Well! Welcome to the addiction! It looks lovely, enjoy :D


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