Sunday, 19 June 2011

Sunday Ramble 005.

- I hope you've all had a great week! I was lucky enough to have the week off work and boy did I enjoy it! I've decided that Sunday Rambles from now on will include a few pictures from the week, you know, just to make it look a bit prettier. I hope you all like it.

- If you read last week's ramble or follow me on Twitter, you'll know I went to Cardiff on Tuesday to see Take That. I was so excited, and I didn't even mind the 3 hour journey there, although it took 4 hours to get back as we were stuck in the car park for over an hour! Anyway, Take That were amazing and I hate to admit it but Robbie really did prove me wrong. I was slightly anti-Robbie beforehand, but he had me screaming my heart out to 'Let Me Entertain You' whilst sweating a little too much, but hey ho, it was the best night ever.

- I baked Millionaire's Shortbread this week after finally finding a recipe. It was actually pretty easy to make and they tasted delicious. I'm tempted to post the recipe on here, should I? :)

- On Saturday, it was my 19th birthday. I celebrated by going out for a meal on Friday, then coming home and dancing my heart away in the living room, ending up with some hilarious pictures of me, Aiden and my brother. Then, on Saturday night, I went to my local pub, and had such a laugh, although I did trip up the stairs after drinking a shot of Tequila followed by Sambuca. Overall, an amazing birthday.



  1. Happy birthday! I'm not a huge take that fan, I quite like them, that's all. But now Robbie's back I quite fancy going to see them! Oh and yes, please do post the millionaire shortbread recipe, I've always fancied making in!

    Thanks for wearing my badge on your blog too xx

  2. So jel of everyone that's been to see Take That! A load of my friends went to the Cardiff gig and said it was amazing :) that shortbread looks fab too and I'm glad you had a good birthday weekend honey! XO

  3. Happy Birthday for yesterday! Yesss please give us the recipe, I'm always looking for new things to bake :) xx

  4. Awww I love Take that! Pretty sad that I haven't gone to see them :( Happy birthday!!!!! xxxxxxx

  5. Glad u had a good week hun! And to top it all off we saw robbie in his pants!!! Hehe. Loveu lots and post the recipe PLEASE!!! Xxxx


  7. Anti-Robbie?!?! I love Robbie- too me he makes Take That!:D
    It looks like your birthday was fun, and happy (belated) birthday!!:D xxx

  8. I'm so jel you saw TT! Booooo! :) x

  9. Happy Belated Birthday! :)

    Great pictures - that millionaire shortbread looks soooo good! xx


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