Thursday, 9 June 2011

May Favourites 2011

I was hoping to do this at the beginning of June/end of May but I got a little side tracked and like they say, better late than never. For the past month, I've been trying out a lot of new products, plus sticking to a few firm favourites so I have a lot of favourites for the month, but I decided to wittle it down to a few rather than bore you with endless opinions on various products all in one post (plus, I may need some of them for June's Favourites!)

Urban Decay Naked Palette - I ummed and arred about getting this as it was quite expensive and I was worried I wouldn't use it that much. I couldn't be more wrong! I might as well sell all of my other eyeshadows (I won't though!) as I've only used this since I bought it. The colours are all perfect and the make up brush applies them perfectly. If you're considering it, get it. You won't regret it. :)

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish - I reviewed this here so I won't talk too much about it as you can read my opinions on the blog post. I've really enjoyed using this and I've noticed quite a difference to my skin.

John Frieda 3 Day Straight -  Anything that controls my hair in the slightest is a miracle in my eyes and this product is amazing. It doesn't leave my hair perfectly straight, but it does save me over half an hour each day as I don't need to straighten it as much. Last week, John Frieda was on offer in Boots (2 for £7.50) and so I managed to get two instead of one for £6.99 - bargain! (I did tweet this and I hope you all took full advantage of a practically buy-one-get-one-free situation!) The offer is still on now so get there while you can!

Sigma F80 Brush - I received this brush from Sigma and I haven't stopped using it. I had previously never used a brush for foundation but now I don't know why I didn't! It applies perfectly and as soon as I get enough money, I'm going to get my hands on this brush kit.

Nars Illuminator - I received this with GlossyBox and I knew I would love this. It provides a perfect glow and lasts all day. For a better review see here.

What are your May favourites? Feel free to leave your links to them below.


  1. Cleanse and Polish was on my May favs too and Love the Naked pallete too :-) x

  2. Another NAKED palette lover! I just got mine today and blogged about it too. Can't wait to try it out! x

  3. I love the Sigma F80, I couldn't imagine applying my foundation any other way! I think i'm the only person who hasn't got their hands on the Naked Palette! xx

  4. I think I definitely need to get my hands on the Naked palette ASAP! I may invest in some Sigma brushes too after reading this post :)

  5. Looove NARS illuminator!! Have you tried MAC's strobe cream?? That's a nice liquid highlighter as well!

  6. I got a GlossyBox too, I'm loving the Nars Illuminator. It's the first Nars product I've tried, but I definitely want to add lots more to my wishlist now!
    I love Urban Decay makeup, don't know why I haven't got round to buying the Naked palette yet!

  7. Im still thinking about investing into the naked palette between the toofaced naked eye palette =S

    Cotton2 <3

  8. I love the Nars illuminator it's fantastic and the smallest bit goes a long way. I am still lusting after the naked palette but funds are an issue right now hahaha! Great post I am now going to follow you xo


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