Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Lush Review: Volcano Foot Mask

I'd always considered myself a big Lush fan. But considering I'd never purchased anything other than bath products, I believed that in order to be a true Lush fan, I'd need to buy different things. So I put it on my 101 Things in 1001 Days list, and I can happily say I completed it. :)

I purchased two items, one of them was Volcano foot mask. This may be too much information, but my feel are awfully dry, to the point where I can pick off dead skin pass the sick bucket. I'm never sure why my feet are so bad, as I exfoliate and cream them all the time. I'm putting it down to footwear and genes. Anyway, whilst looking at footsie things in Lush, I didn't want to buy a simple cream as I have so many, so I was intrigued when I saw the foot mask. The lovely sales assistant explained what it did, and luckily the potato ingredient didn't put me off. I took it home and tried it out.

It was a bit of a messy situation. I had to apply the mask all over my feet, then wrap them in plastic bags (or foil) and then left them for 10 minutes. It was just my luck that I had forgotten so many things yet couldn't walk and get them (thank god for boyfriends ay?). After my time was up, I rubbed in the mask so it exfoliated my skin, then I rinsed it off.

The result was amazing. I had no dead skin, and my feet were extremely smooth and soft to touch. Obviously, the pressure points were still a little dry but the results were still far better than I expected. They are still a lot softer now (I used this four days ago). The only downside would be the smell, only because I don't really like the smell of cinnamon that much, but push past the smell and you've found yourself a brilliant product.

I recommend this to anyone looking to treat their feet. It costs £5.25 and you can buy it online or in store.

What non-bath Lush products would you recommend?


  1. I was sold on getting this until I read the word Cinnamon. The smell, the taste and I'm literally rolling on the floor feeling ill. If I eat it I swell up like a tomato! Looks great though, glad it worked for you! xx

  2. I had the same problem when I used this. I got James my fiance to help me and it still went all over the floor but my feet felt great afterwards!

  3. I have exactly the same problem with my feet so I think I may have to try this out! XO

  4. Ooh I didnt know Lush sold this - I will def be having a look next time! x


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