Sunday, 26 June 2011

Sunday Ramble 006.

New laptop and Filofax. Inside my new Filofax. Pretty flowers on mine and Aiden's walk. Hungry Horse menu (yummy).

- Funny fact. Every time (and I mean every single time) I have written one of these posts (except the first two), I have to go back and check what number I'm on. Okay, so it's not funny but it's a fact. How's everyone's week been? They seem to be going super fast lately, hmmm.

- First thing's first. What is up with Glossy Box?! Now I haven't seen what I've got yet as I'm at my boyfriend's so expect a longer post in the next week or two but I am seriously annoyed at how long it took to get delivered! Come on, it's almost July. I couldn't have praised Glossy Box more last month, but this month I'm less than happy. And why why why add delivery charges when your service is so rubbish (enter worse word here instead if you like)? I've heard a lot about another company who plans to do the same thing, but are we really going to fall for the hype again? Yes, because I've added myself to the waiting list. Shame on me.

- This week I signed myself up to Style Journals. Now I wouldn't call my blog a fashion blog, but it clearly states "Anyone from any blogging platform can join as long as your blog is related to fashion and style in one way or another; that could be clothes, shoes, bags, nails, hair, beauty, photography, inspirational photos, fashion shows and models are just some examples." So I joined! Please help me out by clicking the little button at the top of my blog, and don't forget to sign up yourselves. There are also some amazing blogs on there.

- I crossed another thing off my 101 Things in 1001 Days list! (Number 46) On Tuesday, my dad took me to Comet to buy a new laptop for my birthday and I love it. My old laptop had no battery life and no sound, so I have spent most nights watching all you lovely Youtube ladies and walking around the house with my laptop!

- I noticed that I never seem to be on my laptop on Saturday's, therefore I tend to not schedule any posts for then either. So I decided that I'm going to have bloggers take over my blog every other Saturday (perhaps every Saturday in the future) I already have a few people interested and they are currently writing blog posts for me. If you are interested, please e-mail me at I look forward to hearing from you. :)

- Blog of the week: Zoe is a lovely girl and her blog is just as lovely. I adore her cute layout and my favourite posts would have to be 'The Love List'. :)



  1. Great post, I adore your filofax! xx

  2. I really enjoy your ramble posts! x

  3. The filofax is so lovely :) I'm always put off by the price but as you said in your last post if you only need fill-ups... maybe I won't buy a £7 Paperchase diary next year.


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