Sunday, 29 January 2012

Jess's Guide To: The Perfect Pedicure

Don't worry - no feet will be shown in this post! I honestly hate feet and never like to look at them, but recently I've realised that I'm going to have to make do with them, and make them look the best that I can! I'm no expert in pedicures, but this is how I've made my feet go from dry and ugly to smooth and okay-looking. (To me, feet can never me beautiful, just nice).

Here's a photo of what I use (Not forgetting a pretty nail polish). Before starting your pedicure, I suggest making sure they're clean (but you knew that anyway!).

1. First things first: taking off dry skin. I use my Ped Egg, which is one of my favourite products ever. There are similar products out there, but I don't think anything compares to this. If you suffer from very dry skin on your feet then get one! If you don't have one, then use a foot file. I use this on dry skin (most people do it on wet, but it's actually more beneficial to take off dry dead skin). If it begins to hurt, then stop as you're now filing off healthy skin, and it might leave your feet feeling very sore. I use the softer side of the Ped Egg to smooth feet over (if you have hardly any dead skin then just use that side or a soft pumice stone to smooth your feet.)

2. I then use my Lush Volcano Mask. I've already reviewed this here, and I think most people would use this before filing dead skin, but I prefer to do it after. I use this whenever I can, but it is very messy so I tend to not be bothered sometimes. If you don't have a foot mask, simply just miss this step out.

3. I then focus on my toenails. I apply cuticle cream (not pictured) and then remove cuticles using a cuticle stick. I use my Models Own nail file which I love as it has 4 steps on it. (File, remove ridges, buff, and polish and shine). I then apply nail polish.

4. I then apply foot cream. I use Soap and Glory which I've reviewed here. I apply all over and then I wear The Body Shop Moisture Socks. If you've never used them, then you need to get a pair. Wear them to bed on moisturised feet and your feet will be left silky smooth.

Like I said at the beginning, I am no expert but I've done enough to try and change my feet I'd like to think I could help at least some of you. :)



  1. Great post, I have Heel Genius too I need to get some of those Body Shop socks they sound great :D x

  2. heel genius is so good and i love the pedegg too xo

  3. I hate feet too, haha. :D

  4. I have quite dry skin on my feet, so LOVED this post. I was a bit nervous about a ped egg before but I might have to invest...

  5. Great post! I love Soap & Glory's Heel Genius. I've never heard of The Body Shop's Moisture Socks but definitely going to have to invest! xxx


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