Thursday, 26 January 2012

Top ten tips for beautiful Valentine’s skin

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If there’s ever a day that requires a little bit of extra beauty titivating, it’s Valentine’s Day. It’s coming up quickly and so it’s best to make a start now. Think radiant and irresistibly touchable. Follow these simple tips and you’ll be glowing come February 14th.

1. Scrub up.

The sooner you start an exfoliation routine, the better. If you start now you can rid your body of any dry and scaly bits in time for your romantic night. I would always recommend Soap and Glory’s Breakfast Scrub.

2. Scrub again.

Don’t just leave your body well scrubbed; if you are going to achieve that glow then your face needs work too. Nubo’s Bio Electric Buff is pricey at £38 but it works wonders. It leaves your skin feeling tingly and refreshed and the mini micro beads wipe away dead skin.

3. Don’t stop scrubbing yet.

Finally, but most importantly, your lips need some scrubbing. Use an old toothbrush and a big blob of Vaseline and rub away a few times a week.

4. Cleanse.

Aesop is a great brand – all the products are nice and natural and based on botanics, plus they look great. Their Fabulous Face Cleanser is nice and gentle so you can use it everyday without your skin feeling stripped and tight.

5. Tone.

I always think this time of year calls for a bit of balancing. You might have some dry patches of skin and other oily bits that threaten spot outbreaks at any moment. Using a balancing toner should help sort this one. Elemis do a lovely lavender balancing toner that should hit the problems spots.

6. Moisturise. Moisturise. Moisturise.

You really can’t quench your skin enough at this time of year. Central heating and harsh winds take away moisture every day so you need to put it back. My top tip is to slather baby oil over your skin straight from the shower and then back this up with you favourite Body Shop body butter.

7. Sleep on it.

When it comes to moisturizing your face the best time to give your skin a drink is over night. Cleanse and tone as usual and then add a rich night cream such as Neal’s Yard Vitamin E and Avocado night cream – it’s just full of nourishing goodness.

8. Get a good foundation.

Once it comes to the big night use a night light foundation like Garnier’s BB cream. It’s only £9.99 and works as a moisturiser, concealer and foundation in one.

9. Bronzer, blusher and highlighter

In the dark depths of February everyone needs a bit of help to look glowing and healthy. Invest in a non-sparkly cleanser for your cheekbones, a rosy-glow for the apples of your cheeks and a subtle highlighting cream for those bits that needs a little brightening.

10. Get set to go.

E.L.F’s lock and seal is a great little product (at the great price of £3.50), just apply over eyeliner, eyeshadow or lipstick for a look that will stay in place however much snogging you do.

Saisha Potts writes on behalf of, the social fashion site. Visit Cafe La Moda to find all of 2012's beauty trends in one place.

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  1. I've only recently started investing money and time into my skincare routine, I've always been more of a makeup girl and skipping the moisturiser. I've now got into a routine of toners and moisturizers and I love it.

    Fabulous tips!



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